Visit the Family Friendly Circus Circus Hotel of Las Vegas

The name ‘Las Vegas’ is instantaneously associated with spending big bucks for the luxury of a lifetime. The ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ has exceeded itself, offering globally renowned casinos, dining and lavish hotels. Though they say that there is not much for ‘families’, there are still some unique destinations in LA where a family can melt in fun activities. The Circus Hotel is one such fun place for the whole family – especially it’s Adventure Dome. Nothing much to say about this place – except for the fact that it is the largest indoor amusement park in the United States of America.

The Adventure Dome constitutes of many thrilling rides, like the Inverter, Rim Runner, and Chaos and so on. You might require a whole day (or maybe more) to check out every single ride. The gigantic drops, exhilarating speeds & twists and the whole adrenaline rush associated make the trip worthwhile.