What to do when in North Cyprus

North CyprusNorth Cyprus is a holiday destination where you can go and have a fun filled vacation with your family or your friends or with your fiancée and it has all the places which you can enjoy with any of your loved ones, guaranteed. You can do a number of exciting activities and daring deeds with our friends and have a gala time together with them such as Paragliding, Jeep Safaris, turtle watching along with more fun stuff such as Paintball, Go Karting and also Horseback riding.

The scenic beauty of North Cyprus is stunning; along with the amazing warm temperature and exquisite medieval castles and one much not forget the yellow sandy beaches which make it a perfect holiday destination for families. North Cyprus is often tagged as a ‘children friendly’ place due to the shallow coastline which is more or less, less crowded making it very safe for children to play and enjoy themselves.

Malaga destinations for you

Travel Malaga, SpainMalaga is a beautiful city in Spain. Malaga is considered as a major tourist attraction in Spain. Malaga is also known as the capital of the Coasta del Sol. Some of the famous tourist places to visit in Malaga are:

• Gibralfaro castle – an Arab construction of the middle ages
• La Alcazaba – it is a fortress built on a hill top. It is one of the best preserved Arab constructions.
• Roman theater – it is situated in the old inner city. Other historical monuments are also situated nearby.
• Tivoli world – it is one of the oldest amusement parks where your children are bound to enjoy.
• Picasso home Museum – it is a historic artistic monument.
• The Cathedral
• Sagrario Church
• Santiago Church
• Town Hall
• The House of the Consulate
• Customs Palace
• Carmen Thyssem Museum

You can even attend the carnivals and events happening in the city. You can have a gala time enjoying with your family and friends.

Enchanting African wildlife safaris for you

We all have seen movies, documentaries and TV shows regarding African safaris. Going on an actual African safari is a vacation, which you’ll never forget.  For the experience of a lifetime, gift yourself and your family an exclusive African safari. Enjoy the exotic wildlife, the luxurious hotels and the complete African experience and feel in your vacation. The plush beauty and the striking flora and fauna with the beautiful white beaches will absolutely take your breath away.

Most international flights will take you to Ethiopia if you avail for African safari services. Enjoy the country’s astonishing beauty and history to the fullest. Avail to local packages and tour guides so that you don’t miss out on anything. Don’t forget to keep your papers, visa and other documents in proper order at all times. An African safari ill take you far away into the wilderness so, carry proper medicines and keep a doctor’s number close by at all times.

Witness the dolphins at their majestic best in the Scottish highlands

dolphins at  Scottish highlands,destinationsMinke, Pilot, Fin, killer, Sperm Whales, Sei whales are some common types of dolphins and whales frequently seen in Scottish highlands.

Shetland Island is a destination where you can view Minke every now and then and occasionally Orca too while boating and you can see them from shore too.

Hebrides witnesses Minke, Humpbacks and Orcas too often.

Moray Firth is a resident colony of Scottish with numerous of bottlenose Whales and Seals. Boat trip facility is available here you can enjoy them or you can any day enjoy them from the shore.

Facility of Underwater diving and experiencing these dolphins and local submarine life is extremely well available in Kyle of Lochalsh.

There are now more than 40 operator offering whale sites and dolphin viewing in Scotland.

Watching dancing and jumping in air from the water is really a refreshing and heart enthralling sites of Scotland. More than 50% of Scotland tourism is totally based upon these Dolphin and whales.

The Flinders Range in Australia: a must visit destination

travel Australia, Australian destination Travel broadens the mind and makes for a better human being. There are many exotic destinations all round the world which offer us insights into the early life of our ancestors and a glimpse of evolution. One such site is the Flinders Range in Australia. Its most characteristic landmark is the Wilpena Pound, the world’s largest amphitheatre covering an area of almost 80 square kilometres. The area’s earliest inhabitants were the Adnyamathanha people probably about 10000 years ago and there are cave paintings, rock engravings and other artefacts from that era.


There is also the Pichi Richi Railway which is an operating museum. There are regular operating heritage train journeys between Quorn and Port Augusta. Some other noteworthy sites are the Arkaroo rock and the Moralana Scenic Drive, a 28 km long route following the Moralana valley which can be traversed in a normal car and gives the best views in the afternoon. There is a wide range of accommodation available and it is sure to captivate your heart.