Planning your wedding in Chianti

Wedding destination, destinationsThe wedding is the best moment of a person’s life. You have some dream planning about your wedding in mind the latest trend is to plan your wedding outside the country. In such a case, Chianti in Italy is the best option for you. The hills and the rich medieval architecture is an ideal backdrop for any wedding in Chianti. The temperature of the place and the accommodation cost is affordable for you to plan your wedding. The natural beauty of Chianti is mesmerizing and makes the place a hot favorite for many people who are willing to plan their wedding outside the country.

You can even plan your honeymoon immediately after your wedding to any beautiful place which is hardly a few hours’ drive from the city of Chianti. Above all the natural scenic beauty consisting of the beautiful vineyards, lakes, hills etc. make the place ideal for your dream wedding.

Exotic Thailand destinations

Travel Thiland, Exotic travel tipsThailand is a very beautiful place. You can go to a lot of places when in Thailand and there are a lot of things that you can do in this area. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world and thousands of tourists flock to this amazing destination every year during the season. One of the most appealing traits of Thailand is the landscape of the area. The eastern part of the area has vast plains with hills that are very fertile.

Then, there are jungles as well as agricultural lands in the area. There some of the best beaches in the world found in Thailand. The metropolitan areas of Thailand are amazing as well. The mixture of the ethnic and the modern is very interesting. Bangkok is one of the most important cities of Thailand and it is also the most popular tourist spot of the country.

Highlights of North Island New Zealand


Whether you’re looking to go trekking, sailing and kayaking or to take in the peace and serenity of beautiful natural panoramas, New Zealand is the perfect holiday destination. Although every visitor to New Zealand should consider visiting both the North and the South Islands, here are some of the highlights from the North Island.

One of the most fascinating features of the North Island is the significant geothermal activity. The intense geothermal activity raging underneath the city of Rotorua, for example, makes it an interesting place to visit. In Rotorua, visitors can take a scenic helicopter ride to view the steaming geysers and the crater of nearby MtTaraweras from above or simply enjoy bathing in the natural hot springs.


RotoruaSulphur Pool, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach is another unique natural attraction created by geothermal activity. At Hot Water Beach, the water heated by volcanic activity rises to the surface of the water just off the shoreline. Unlike other hot springs in the area, the heated water is just offshore thereby creating a hot spring that is also a beach.

Tongariro National Park, both the oldest national park in New Zealand and a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site, is also home to significant geothermal activity. The southern end of the park is dominated by three active volcanoes, Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehu. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a trekking route that will take you past many features of volcanic activity including the crater of an active volcano, steam vents and flowing lava.



Tongariro National Park, New ZealandLake Taupo is another highlight of the North Island. It is an ideal location to launch a sea-kayaking expedition. Make sure to paddle out to Whakamoega Point to see the Maori stone carvings that cannot be seen from land. The towering cliffs of Waikarariki Point are also well worth seeing. The clear waters, white sand beaches and views of the three volcanoes in Tongario National Park make Lake Taupo an exceptionally beautiful natural attraction.

Bay of Islands is a scenic area near the northern tip of the North Island. The extensive white sand beaches, big-game fishing and facilities for sailing have earned it a reputation as a holiday destination. Visitors can take a boat trip around the bay to begin to discover the 144 islands that make up the bay, go on a dolphin-watching cruise or go trekking in the native Kauri forest nearby.


Salt Air Scenic Flights - Bay of Islands, New ZealandEven though the North Island has significantly more public transportation than the South Island, being able to control your own transportation will add to your enjoyment as you explore this fascinating island. Campervan hire is the ideal solution to both your transportation and lodging needs. Explore the island at your own pace without worrying about hotel reservations and bus schedules. The freedom provided by a campervan will allow you to stop and enjoy a beautiful panorama when you spot one from the road or spend extra time at a site you’re particularly enjoying.


Camping in Yellow Stone

Tips for camping, campingWhen camping is the question, there is hardly any place as good as yellow stone. Yellow stone provides with the perfect natural condition for camping. You would be able to enjoy a great time camping with your family or with your friends in this area. The area is specially designed so that you can have a good camping experience. There are a lot of great camping grounds in the yellow stone area. There are a more than a dozen grounds of camping in this area and there are more than two thousands sites of camping. Therefore choosing a nice spot for camping is not a problem but the variety of choices might be a bit overwhelming for you and your family. The environment is quite camping friendly and it is nicely maintained by an abundance of greenery and water bodies. This can be a great learning experience for your children, as they would get a chance to come closer to nature.

Top Vegas myths

Myths in Vegas, Las VegasThere are a number of myths associated with the city of Las Vegas. It is a very popular city and the ambience of this place is quite larger than life. Therefore, it is only natural that a lot of myth has grown up around the city. The general perception of the city is that it is a place just for the purpose of entertainment with loads of casinos and clubs. People fail to understand that Las Vegas can be a residential area just like any other regular city of the world.

A lot of people are of this belief that prostitution is not illegal in this part of the world. It is not true. The larger than life image of the city may create such an impression but it is not true. The strip of the Vegas is just a part of the area and there is a wider aspect to the city beyond the strip.

Adventure travel at its best : Mount Atlas

Adventure travels, travel tipsEven deserts have a charm of their own and Morocco is no different. Those who want to enjoy themselves can do so anywhere in this world and one of the upcoming adventure touristic spots in the world is Morocco with its crown being Mount Atlas. If you are an adventurist at heart, then trekking along the Mount Atlas is something which you must undertake once in your lifetime at the very least.

The Atlas Mountains stretch across the Sahara desert to the Atlantic running through the middle of Morocco. With a complete contrast in seasons with the summers being swelteringly hot and the winters being bitter cold, people still brave it and enjoy trekking on the Mount Atlas simply because of the thrill. The valley is surprisingly fertile in spite of the harsh climate which sustains the local tribes. So just pack your backpacks and trek all along the Atlas Mountains and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.