Jeddah: An ultimate shopping destination

Travel Jeddah, shopping destinationIf the word shopping takes all your tiredness and sleep away and if you are game for shopping no matter for whom and why then this time plan your trip to one of the best shopping destinations in the world. Jeddah is the ultimate heaven for shopaholics as you will find that the place is thronged with tourists and even locals whose ultimate object is to shop till they drop! Because Jeddah is considered to be a big attraction among tourists, you are sure to find world class products from around the world at purchasable prices.

Jeddah is sure to sure even the most composed person into a freak as the products, garments and other accessories present is bound to awaken the dormant shopper in you. So much so that you might shop for your entire wardrobe from here and then wonder what just happened. You can also shop for awesome things for your friends and family from here.

Must see destinations in Ukraine

Travel Ukraine, travel tipsA trip to Ukraine is always cherishing given that it offers you with a number of tourist attractions. The region is famous for its cathedrals, fortresses and castles which pulls a large number of visitors every year.

The Hotyn and Kamyanets-Podilskyy fortresses are major attractions here and are regarded as top most among the different hot spots of Ukraine. The Kamyanets-Podilskyytown features an exclusive fortification system which is unique in entire Europe. Olesko castle is one of the most famous castles in Ukraine located in the Lviv region. The castle proudly stands over the picturesque Olesko hill with walls made from stone blocks reminding of polygot invasions. Then you would surely love to go around the St. Sophia Cathedral which is recognized as a respected world heritage spot today.

Then, don’t miss out on the Livadia Palace which is the summer residence of Russian Czar. It’s located on Crimean Peninsula close to Yalta.

Best historic churches in London

historic churches, travel LondonLondon is known for its perfect blend of modern lifestyle and historic significant cultures as well. There are many well known historic churches in London which are open for tourists to visit all around the year. The All Hallows London Wall Church is a beautiful architectural structure which was built in the 16th century. The main attraction of this place is that a part of the London wall has been kept intact in the courtyard.

You should also visit the Brompton Oratory. It has a very Italian catholic influenced decor. This ancient building has over 400 pipes which are still in good condition till date. One place which you shouldn’t miss is the Kingsbury St Andrews old church. Its beautiful lively decor and vibrantly colored walls will mesmerize and surprise you in every way. It takes one away from the generalized old church look.

Best 3 beaches in Samal Island

Samal Island, beach destinationThe Island of the Garden Cities or the Samal Island is famous for their exotic white sand beaches and clear blue seas. The weather is always warm and welcoming here and if you are planning for a romantic getaway, far from the maddening crowds of the cities then you can visit some of the most famous beaches in this area. The paradise beach and resort is one place you shouldn’t miss. There are many food joints, spas and beach bars in this area which makes your stay a wonderful experience altogether.

Another beach, called the Maxima Aquafun is closer to the main city. There are many water sports and activities held here in which even children can take part. Trained professionals and medical health professionals are always present on the premises and so it’s safe for the entire family. Finally, one of the most famous beaches here is the Blue Jazz Beach Resort and Water Park. Experience the fun rides and atmosphere of a water park right at each with good food and great music to accompany you.

Best delights in Tuscany for music lovers

Travel Tuscany, exotic vacationIf you are planning to go to the Tuscan countryside for a vacation and you are a music lover, then you can have a time of your life here. Tuscany is a serene and beautiful place in Italy where travelers often visit to get away for the blazing lights, noise and to get away far from the maddening crowds of the city. Firenze or Florence is its regional capital. The cultural richness and natural beauty is the pride of Tuscany.

Tuscany has a grand musical history which dates back several years. Many famous musicians and composers were born here like Mascagni and Puccini. East western musical culture was said to take shape and grow from this very region. Dating back to the 11th century, the Arezzo is still a popular musically rich hotspot for many tourists. During the time of Italian and European romanticism, Arezzo was known to be one of the greatest musicians. Grosseto, Pisa and Lucca are some of the other famous musical centers of Tuscany.

Best time to visit Abu Dhabi

Travel Abu Dhabi, travel tipsAbu Dhabi is a very nice place to go for a vacation. There are a number of places to go and a lot of things to do in this part of the world. If you want to enjoy this city to the fullest you should visit the area between November and February. This is the time when the weather of Abu Dhabi is at its best.

The weather is cool and it encourages you to go out and take part in the outdoor activities, you can engine yourself in desert safari, do to the exotic islands or stroll on the beaches. The temperature outside is around nine to twenty five degree Celsius. The mornings are very beautiful and perfect for taking leisurely walks. It can get a bit chilly so you should bring warm clothes with you. Therefore, get your schedules fixed, pack your bags and enjoy Abu Dhabi