Sweet home Alabama: the delights this state offers

Travel Alabama, USAAlabama is the 13th largest state in the USA. The state has a predominant humid subtropical weather. An estimated 20 million tourists visit the state every year. The state of Alabama has some places of interest to offer for the tourists. Here are some of the delightful places…

• Huntsville’s U.S space and rocket center, a part of NASA, the museum exhibits the past and future space expeditions.

• Birmingham zoo, more than 250 species of animals can be found here. This is one of the most visited places in Alabama.

• USS Alabama, a veteran battleship from the World War II era. It’s a must visit for the tourists.

• Barber Motorsports Park is one of the popular attractions in the state. Famous among the motor racing enthusiast. It also houses a museum with world’s best motorcycles.

• Point Mallard Park, this place provides a popular water park, golf course and a camp ground.

Come to Portland, the Hidden Treasure of the American Northwest!

short term holiday loansMany destinations in the United States are obvious: New York, San Francisco, Florida. But have you considered the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, when making your travel plans? Cut back from the glitz and glitter and find a truly lovely American city in the heart of the Northwest, the most progressive part of the country. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, gorgeous snow-peaked Mount Hood looms overhead and the city’s streets are lined with evergreens. Seen from above, Portland looks less like a city and more like a sustainable forest village.

But a city Portland is! Home to fine museums, symphonies and fine dining. You can visit this great city and still save money by staying at places like the International Guest House in northwest Portland, a little touch of Europe so many thousand miles away. At the guest house, you will receive breakfast as well as a clean room and be able to get on with the charming host. From there it’s just walking distance to shopping on 23rd Street or the taverns and restaurants on 21st Street. Hop on the MAX light rail and you’ll be in lovely downtown Portland, whose Pioneer Square is lined with art deco and limestone buildings.

Portland is also a great launching point for the Pacific Ocean and the mountains nearby. Enjoy Bagby Hot Springs, and save more money by staying at the Seaside Hostel. Dorms or private rooms in this intimate space allow you to enjoy the misty and mystical Oregon Coast without breaking the bank. Rent a car or better yet take a convenient bus or ride a bicycle. All these options are within reach for the frugal traveler. Pack some bagels and get some fruit at farmers markets and you’ll be ready to have a good time!

English wine week in Devon: what to expect?

Travel Devon, travel tipsThe English wine week is one of the most popular celebrations in Devon. These events are organized by the various wine producers of England. This is a marketing strategy of these producers to make promotion of the wines they have produced. These celebrations are marked with exciting activities that make the celebrations a success. These celebrations have sessions of wine tasting and the traditional walks along the wine yards.

These days, these celebrations have become even more attractive with performances of belly dancers during the festive weeks. The sparkling celebrations are the most popular ones. The fans of the still wines should not feel depraved as there would be abundance of still wines as well. The red wines come in many varieties like Rondo, Regent and the very famous Triomphe d’Alasce. The celebrations may also have painting exhibitions. These festivals are great way of socializing with plenty of “social lubricants” all around.

Spending a spring in Oklahoma

Travel  Oklahoma, trabel tipsIf you have a holiday in spring and you want to visit places then there is no better place than Oklahoma that you can visit. There are many places in Oklahoma that are famous for its tourist attractions. Starting off with the Over Holser Mansion Museum you would be able to go back to 1889 with the time capsule and see what Oklahoma was actually like. You would see the streets painted with pictures of famous people, ornate canvas and many works on stained glass.

Secondly you must see the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It has a wide variety of plant and animal species. This zoo has also been rated as one of the three family friendly zoos in United States. This place is a great picnic spot and there are plenty of gift shops and food court for the people to spend their time in.