Best Places To Visit For Science Geeks

Yellowstone National ParkAmong the top places to visit for Science Geeks across the globe are

1.      A visit to a great geological activity site like the Yellowstone National Park. The magma heated spring water in geysers and springs which are created by a rise in molten rock plume off 400 miles from the inner crust under the earth are spectacular to observe. The Grand Prismatic is a wonderful geyser with fairy falls and up to 560 gallons per minute of water that gives birth to great variety of bacterial life is indeed a privilege to witness.

2.      Witnessing the volcanic eruption at Montserrat in Lesser Antilles is also a phenomenal experience.  The volcanoes continuous sporadic eruption that has covered more than two thirds of the island in ash is a treat to watch. The small and greatly diminishing population against the overburdened volcanic wasteland of the island can be closely studied from nearby islands.