The perfect Halloween getaway

Travel tips, adventure destinationsTerrell in Texas is one of the best places to visit for tourists who have a thing for spooky destinations. Terrell is known to have 4 major spooky tourist destinations, in the names of “Labyrinth of Terror,” the “Voodoo Bayou” and others. The decapitated lady Cassandra is known to haunt the areas of the Labyrinth of Terror till date. The creatures from the bayou keep tormenting the Voodoo Area and also the Trail of Torment in the Dr. Lycan’s space is known to be the home ground of all the horrific crazy illegal medical experiments done by the doctor. The legend says that whoever visits the place feels it’s all and the presence of the undead and the restless. Yes. We are all talking about a thrill park built in Terrell in Texas. Have the time of your life and get your Goosebumps working overtime this October. Happy Halloween!

Tips to save money on a trip to Rome

Travel Rome, EuropeAre you going to a vacation on Rome? Then you must know that it is one of the most expensive cities of the world. Every place you visit in Rome will charge you an entry fee including most of the famous churches. Thus, it is very essential to plan your budget well. Rome has a wide range of accommodation options ranging from very expensive to affordable ones. You must make a considerable amount of research online about the prices and features of different hotels and resorts.

It is better to book hotels in advance, and then the charges will be less unlike booking after you reach. Try to stay close to the main city so that bus, tram and subway lines can be easily assessed. Termini Bus Station is a good place to stay with cheap hotels and easy access to main locations. You must make full use of the amazing public transport of Rome for roaming around the city. You should get a weekly metrebus ticket pass for unlimited one week access to bus and subway both.

Cruise holidays can be affordable

Cruise holiday, travel tipsCruise holidays are a distant dream for many given its high fares. However not to worry as there are some very smart tips that can get you your dream cruise vacation without burning a hole in your pocket.

The first tip is to book early. The cruise lines will usually provide good discounts on early reservations. On the other hand eleventh hour booking can also find you some very affordable deals. Actually, if a cruise is having many of its seats empty even at the last hour, it will release highly rebated deals for a quick booking.

Another important tip is to book your cruise package in the off seasons like post holidays. People hardly go for vacations post holidays and hence it’s the slow time for the travel cruises. Thus, the cruise lines will generally unleash seats at highly affordable rates to fill up vacant seats. You can also count on a good travel agency for your cruise package. The travel agencies generally enjoy some huge discounts from cruise lines which are not available for general public.

Visiting The New York City

New York , travel USAA trip to New York City can turn out to be really enjoyable since the city has so much to offer to the tourists. The blend of culture and history that you will get to witness in this city is absolutely unforgettable. It is considered to be the iconic city of America.

Some of the places you must visit in New York City are: Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, China Town, Wall Street, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Bridge etc. The cuisine of this city is delicious and worth tasting.

The accommodation facilities here are affordable and there are numerous hotels, furnished apartments, rentals etc where you can stay during your visit. The nightlife in New York City is amazing. Different nightclubs, bars etc will keep you entertained throughout the night.

This city can be a paradise for those who love shopping as there are a number of stores, malls, boutiques etc to be found in New York City.