Things to keep in mind before travelling in flights

travelling in flightsIf you are recently travelling in flight then you should be very careful because there are many important things that you should keep in mind before you board your flight. The first and foremost thing you should not forget is to carry your ticket with yourself and your passport. This is because since the tradition of hard copy of flight ticket has almost vanished, all the tickets now days are e-ticket generated online. To ensure your identification, your passport is required so don’t forget to carry it with you. However it is not necessary to carry a print out of the e- ticket, a soft copy of it in your laptop or in your mobile phone will also do.

Before you enter the airport, you should be well informed about the rules and regulations of the particular flight carrier. There are some general norms for travelling in flight, but certain rules also vary from one flight carrier to another. The main thing you should prior to your flight travel is the hand baggage allowance. Certain flight carriers allow only a particular size of bag on board in the cabin. While some carrier don’t consider your laptop bag as a hand baggage, few flight carriers consider laptop bag as a hand baggage and in that case you are not allowed to carry any other bags on board.

Carrying liquids, aerosols, gels, perfumes, lip sticks, eye liners, etc are strictly prohibited in the flights. If you ever carry these things, then they will be seized during security check. Also carrying sharp objects like blades, Swiss army knives, nail cutter, etc are not allowed on board. The check in baggage allowance is different in different carriers and also the charges for the extra baggage. So, you should pack your baggage accordingly so that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket during check in.

Enjoy the African Safari

African Safari, safari travelNo vacation in Africa is complete with the Safari; in fact an African vacation is almost synonymous with Safari. The experience of watching wild animals in the natural surrounding just from a stone’s throw distance is definitely mind boggling and exhilarating. So, when you plan a trip to Africa you must definitely plan a safari tours. African countries in which safari tours are extremely popular include Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana and Tanzania and the varied landscape along with the animals in the wild will surely offer you an experience of a life time. The wildlife parks in these countries are simply perfect was spotting the wild animals. If you go on the safari trip in the summers, you will be able to spot the animals drinking water and in the rainy season you will be able to see the animals eating green vegetations. So, when you plan your trip to Africa plan it during the summer or the rains.

There are a lot of organizations in Africa who arrange Safaris for the tourists and the Safari packages come complete with accommodation in lodges, campgrounds and outdoor baths. In fact, nowadays there are some Safari organizers who offer the facility of spas and saunas for the tourists. Some packages include butler services as well. If you do not want to hire the services of Safari organizers then you can also get in touch with professional Safari guides who will help you to explore the best places and reserves. You can explore the wildlife parks in the safari vehicles or you can choose to see the park in a boat or even an aircraft. In fact, at times the professional guides include trackers and hunters during the trips as well. However, you also need to understand that Africa offers more than wild animals and you must experience Africa at its very best.