Tips to get cheap air tickets

cheap air ticketsTravelling in air is the most comfortable thing one can consider doing. It is completely hassle free and you don’t even get to experience any sort of tiredness due to the comfort offered by the airlines. But then since the price of the air tickets are expensive compared to the railway tickets for the same journey, many people can’t afford the air tickets. Thus they have to go through the hassles and tiredness of journey in any other means. This was indeed the situation till few years back. But now days due to various schemes launched by the government and also due to the emergence of many airliners in the market the price of air tickets have come down. In some cases the price is even lower than the railway tickets of AC first class. Even if the price of air tickets is more than the railway tickets, then difference is not much and can be ignored compared to the comfort and the facilities offered by the air lines.

There are certain tips you should follow if you are looking for cheap flight tickets. If you try to get urgent air tickets from the various travel websites, then you will be disappointed. This is because the cheap flight tickets are not available online generally. You have to contact the authorized traveling agents if you are looking for really cheap air tickets. The travel agents have certain quota under which they get the cheap tickets. These tickets are only accessible from the system of the travel agent’s machine. Also if you are planning to go somewhere well in advanced, then book the air tickets for your journey many days in advance to the journey. Thus you can easily get the cheap air tickets. Well in some cases the cheap tickets are non refundable and so if you cancel your journey, then you will not get back the amount.