Croatia: A Hidden Gem In The Mediterranean Region

Mediterranean RegionCroatia is actually a small district that is situated in the south-eastern part of Europe and Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. Obviously Croatia is not as popular as Greece, Italy, France or Spain. But many tourists visit Croatia every year in order to witness the beauty of this region. Croatia is considered to be the hidden gem in the Mediterranean region and it is also called “pearl of the Adriatic Sea”.

If you visit Croatia then you will surely get fascinated with the sunbathed beaches, hospitable locals and the quaint towns situated in the area. The most enchanting thing about Croatia is that it is surrounded by several beautiful islets and islands. You can just walk down the pebbled and sandy beaches and enjoy the sights of the turquoise waters of the beaches. Majority of the cities of Croatia are home to unique architectural structures and historical monuments.

You are sure to enjoy your stay in Croatia because the cuisine of Croatia is absolutely delectable and mouth watering. Pizza and pasta are cooked in Croatia in quite a different manner. A special mention should be given about the excellent Croatian gastronomy which consists of delicious lamb roasts, beef roasts, eels, oysters, mussels and so on. The wine that is found in Croatia must be tasted by you at all costs because it is extremely tasty.

Many boutiques and shops are located in Croatia. Thus you can also indulge in shopping while you are spending your holiday in the region. The busy port of Split should be visited by you. In addition to that, you have to stop by Dubrovnik- the walled city of Croatia. Another tourist destination in Croatia is Mijet- the island of Adriatic Sea that consists of dense forests. You can take part in several outdoor activities in Croatia such as hiking, sailing and so on.

A few tips while you are planning for car rental

planning for car rentalAre you on a plan to take up a car rental service for your upcoming trip? That’s good sine your own car in a foreign land offers you the liberty to explore the foreign place at your own pace and will- it gets all the more important when you have the kids at tow. The huge popularity of car rental services among the tourists has led to the mushroom growth of a great deal car hire agencies. But the catch is that not every such company would be prospective for you. Thus here are some tips that will help you to ensure a safe car rental deal.

First of all, you must start off with a thorough research on 5-6 potential car rental agencies around. The entire reservation can be done online today right from your home so you have plenty of time for a detailed market research. Actually the car rental deals would vary from one site to another and hence you have to search well to assure that you don’t fall prey to some overpriced deal. Always count on a reputed name and make sure to check out the testimonials sent by the previous customers.

The car rental company you are taking to should be equipped with a wide fleet of versatile vehicle to cater to any size or taste of client base. On tip to remember here- always go for a SUV or large sedan when you are traveling with kids.

Then, try to find out a reputed site which is offering discounted deals presently. There are car rental sites that often come up with discounts s part of credit card programs or frequent flier programs.

Finally, your chosen car rental agency should be flexible with the last minute changes. Make sure that your selected agency holds a solid reputation for on-time service.

Spending A Memorable Holiday In Doha

Holiday In DohaOne of the most flourishing holiday destinations in Qatar is its capital city- Doha. The mesmerizing historical emblems, interesting museums, remarkable monuments, enchanting cultural attractions and the thrilling sporting activities are what make Doha the preferred holiday destination for the people belonging to the different parts of the world. The government of Doha has been making tremendous efforts to make the city more and more comfortable and enjoyable for the hundreds of tourists that visit Doha every year.

Doha is surely a paradise for those of you who are in love with history and architecture. The entire landscape of Doha is marked by beautiful towers and forts which reflect the rich heritage of the city. You should make it a point to stop by the Doha Fort and Al Zubara Fort and Museum if you truly want to witness the history and culture of Qatar.
You can even indulge in shopping and enjoy yourself to the fullest. In case you want to get hold of something cheap yet beautiful then you must visit Souk Waqif and Gold Souk. Luxurious malls such as Landmark Mall, Doha City Center, Villagio Mall, Exclusive Boutique (Pearl Doha) are also situated in Doha which can be visited by you as and when required.

Your trip to the city would be incomplete if you do not undertake a cruising trip on Dhow which is the traditional boat of Doha. Thus ensure that you do go for ride in the Dhow. You can even undertake a desert safari while you are visiting Doha and take in the beauty of the sand dunes and the clear blue sky.
Al Maha Sanctuary is a place that should be visited by you to behold the sight of the Arabian Oryx which is an endangered deer species. Nightlife in Doha is quite impressive but conservative to a certain extent.