Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

Interesting Facts About Switzerland
Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

Switzerland is hell of a beautiful place and it most probably known for the lush green and beautiful mountains, the delicious cheese and some really amazing and happy people. However the glossy and good looking brochure does not depict the entire story.  Apart from the mountain, cheese and this all happy people, there is lot to see and know about Switzerland. This can make you fall in love with Switzerland even more. Whenever any of your family members are planning trip to Switzerland, you can flaunt your knowledge at the dinner table about this wonderful place and impress your elders. Well this is not the only objective to know about Switzerland, this place has such exclusive secrets to reveal that you won’t be able to stop yourself from visiting this amazing place. Check out these amazing facts about Switzerland and go on sharing it with anyone who is fond about this place.

  • The first and foremost fact about Switzerland is that it is among the only two countries which are having its national flag in square shape. The swill flag is of the red color having square shape along with a white cross in the center exactly. Apart from swill flag, Vatican has the flag of square shape.
  • Another weird but amazing facts about v is that the coffee of Zurich is considered as the most expensive one on the entire world. Hence if you are visiting Switzerland then make sure to grab a coffee and check what’s so good about that coffee to be the most expensive one in the entire world. The cost of the coffee of this place would be around 3.65 US dollars. Switzerland is also the place which has the origin of the instant coffee. Nescafe was also created in Switzerland in the year 1938.
  • Another fascinating facts about Switzerland is in favor of the citizen of this p[lace and I am sure after knowing this fact, you would envy the privilege received by the citizens of Switzerland. The citizens of Switzerland can challenge any law passed by the government. The provision in that place is that the public have to collect total 50,000 signatures within the time period of 100 days against any law after the law has been passed. If this process goes successful then a national voting is held and the voters are given the opportunity to decide by general majority whether to accept the law or to reject the law.
  • The next facts about Switzerland will definitely blow your mind off and you will think is it even possible to pass such a law. In Switzerland there is a rule that you cannot have a single pet, if you want to keep a pet then you have to keep it two of them. That means you need to have two pigs, two fish, two dogs, two fish and any other animal but two. The law of Switzerland prohibits isolation of animals and it is considered as abuse.