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5 Romantic places in Paris

romantic places in parisWhen one hears or reads Paris one is reminded of the famous novel A Tale of Two Cities where the protagonist crosses over the Dover Port in England to sail into France. Paris is the capital of France which is famous for the French kiss and the romance that the streets of Paris have to offer. If one was to select five places to visit in Paris from a list that runs lot longer than The world famous Eiffel Tower will definitely stand out in the list and steal the first place from among all the rest.

Being the world’s tallest tower along with the supreme and splendid view Paris has to offer Eiffel Tower is the one destination that all lovers intend to visit at least once during their life time.

The famous book De Vinci Code has really made the Muse Du Louvre another very famous and sought after places to visit in Paris. The Louvre is famous all over the world for the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo ET all. Among the other things that are of utmost importance and high on demand are the Holy Grail and the portrait of the last supper.

The Palace of Versailles is one place in Paris that reminds all of us about the French revolution which brought an end to the rule of the Royalty in France. This Palace reminds us about the famous Maria Antoinette, the Guillotine and the other horrors of the famous revolution in France in the eighteenth century. The palace of Versailles in Paris is reminds one about the horrors of the French Revolution and the great poetry and literature that flourished as a result of the famous French Revolution. The Palace of Versailles reminds every one of the rich tradition of royalty that the French civilization bore and the penchant of the French population for the Royalty.

The other most important and sought after places in Paris is the Notre Dame Cathedral which is located in the heart of the city of Paris and is a reminiscence of the Catholic Church with its looming walls and ceilings and its windows which are stained with glass. The Notre Dame Cathedral is a wonderful and magnificent place of visit. The Notre Dame Cathedral is world famous and thousands of people visit it every year and it is famous for its long tradition and cultural heritage.

Another equally famous and sought after places in Paris which is the Crypte Archeologique which is an underground museum which is located just under the ground from the famous Notre dame cathedral. One very interesting thing about the Crypte Archeologique is that while tens of thousands of visitors visit the Notre Dame every year very few people ever set their foot on the Crypt Archeologique.

Thus among the five most romantic places in Paris include the Eiffel Tower the Muse Du Louvre the Palace of Versailles the Notre Dame Cathedral as well as the Crypte Archeologique.

Best hotels in Vegas

Best hotels in VegasAre you planning your upcoming special holiday in Vegas? Well that’s great since the Strip promises some of the best unforgettable memories. But a plush holiday is never complete sans a suitable accommodation. There is no dearth of lodging spaces in the luxury desert but not all can be compatible for you. Hence, before you head for the ultimate party destination, you must be sure about the best hotels there.


It’s one of the most recommended of Vegas hotels. Though it’s located centrally on the plush Strip yet it is still able to present a comparatively tranquil ambience free from the hustle bustle of regular Vegas noise- thanks to its celebrated beautiful fountains. You will get the obligatory huge casino here & this well-run sleek hotel also treats its visitors with almost all ostentations one expects in Vegas. You will love the restful and intimate rooms here. You can take to Tower rooms for the best desert and city views. Bellagio staff service is one of the most efficient in Vegas. In regards to gourmet, the hotel greets its guests with broad culinary spectrum, equipped with well-defined informal& formal options. There are 2 AAA rated Five-Diamond restaurants here Picasso & Le Cirque. You also have Michael Mina for great vegetarian & seafood fare.


This is another fantastic option when you are looking for great hotels for your upcoming special holiday at the plus party desert. Founded by famous impresario Mr. Steve Wynn, The Wynn offers great Strip views, a very elegant casino & excellent dining. The hotel stands out with its very edgy curvaceous high rise copper toned structure and the hotel interior looks simply gorgeous with Marble based walkways, floral mosaics, huge windows and jewel-toned carpeting. The 45-storey hotel is packed with 2700+ rooms & suites –some of them assure the coveted panoramic vista of the famous Strip. You can expect all the usual luxuries you get in any true blue 5-star hotel. In regards to service, Wynn is reputed for its very courteous, polished and efficient staffs. The tryst nightclub is a huge hit thanks to world-famous DJ stints. When it comes to Gourmet, Wynn is mostly about oriental and Italian flavors. The buffet here is regarded as one among the best of Vegas, especially if you are a seafood enthusiast.


Cosmopolitan has always been admired with rave reviews both from the guests and experts. This reputed Vegas hotel is truly impressive with its spacious rooms, contemporary rooms as well as impeccable spread of restaurants and bars. High rollers, Vegas fanatics, fashionistas, foodies & anybody looking for ultimate pampering & arty ambience- finds a haven in Cosmopolitan. Breaking down the typical archetype of any casino hotel, Cosmo stands out with its edgy setup, upped by latest new-media digital art collection that are further blended with charming vintage touches. The hotel staffs are really attentive, professional & personable. There are around 3,000 contemporary clean-lined suites & rooms here which were primarily structured as condominiums. Thus you are getting a very spacious ambience here & some rare niceties such as kitchenettes. Cosmo is famous for its impressive chef lining and hence you can estimate the stellar gourmet available here.

Top 5 best hotels in Paris

hotels in ParisThe French capital is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world and hence draws in umpteen numbers of visitors every year. The romantic city is not only a winner in its treasured attractions but also offers some of the best accommodation facilities. Are you too looking forward to a trip to this legendary city and looking for the best hotels?

The Ritz

Undoubtedly one among the best hotels in Paris, Ritz has been standing strong since 1898. Flaunting the epitome of opulence and grandeur, the beautiful hotel is situated near the phenomenal Louvre museum & Tuileries gardens. It’s famous especially for being the first ever hotel in the entire world to introduce private baths for all rooms. No wonder big wigs, be it Coco Chanel or Edward VII, has loved to plan their stays at Ritz. The hotel saw a huge renovation in 2007 that upgraded it to the edgy standards. The conventional white-glove service promises hospitality at its best – the Roman-style pool is a true treat and so the Ritz’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

Four Seasons Hotel

This is another majestic name when it comes to iconic hotels in the French capital. Located near Champs-Elysees, Four Seasons has been running since 1999. It was originally a white-stone hotel from 1928 which defines elegance to the T with its sumptuous Flemish tapestries, 19-th C furnishing, brocade fabrics, crystal chandeliers all through the beautiful public places. There are 245 very spacious rooms lined with similar luxe detailing. The guests here have always admired the hotel spa adjoining a panoramic indoor pool surrounded by mural of Versailles gardens. It feels like heaven to dine from Four Seasons Michelin starred restaurant Le Cing.

Le Royal Monceau Raffles

One of the classiest hotels in Paris, Le Royal Monceau Raffles is truly phenomenal with its Philippe-Starck interiors- which make it quite a edgy cosmopolitan urbane destination. The staffs here are really amiable, courteous and truly at the guests’ service all the time. The most interesting bit about the hotel is its fare of some great extra services including fitness training, art concierge etc. there are as many as 149 rooms & suites spectacularly embellished with eclectic tables and lamps.You wouldlove to dine from the hotel’s Michelin star restaurants.


This hotel is a top favorite especially given its dear proximity to Seine & breathtaking view of Eiffel Tower. Shangri-La is no less than a live journey across French past with its neoclassical friezes and hand-glided paneling. You will love its lush health club and its Carita beauty therapy as well the gorgeous day-lit pool. Shangri-La Michelin star restaurants are a diner’s delight given their array of gourmet oriental & French choices.

Peninsula Paris

The hotel is another coveted name given its spacious rooms, subtle luxury & extensive dining choices. Located near Champs-Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, Peninsula Paris has got considerable big rooms and suites. A huge number of 500+ courteous staffs assure great hospitality whenever called. You will get both French and Cantonese food here.

Things To Do In San Diego

travel San DiegoSan Diego is the perfect holiday getaway whether you travel alone or with your friends or family. It is located in southern California. The weather here is favorable and soothing all around the year. There are theme parks. Beautiful beaches, museums and countless more places that you can visit. As many number of sightseeing available, there are innumerous eateries too. The water parks of this place are something you would not like to miss. They give you experiences that no one can forget. There are many shows too that feature all the sea creatures and their world which can take all day long to enjoy.

• The beautiful sea world: Apart from the beautiful creatures of the sea there is a large play area. This area includes theme parks that can entertain both small and big. They also offer exclusive tour offers. These exclusive park experiences include programs such as interacting with the penguins, the penguin experience tour, animal spotlight tour and for that matter many more of them.

• San Diego is also a host to a lot of animals and so its zoo is also a hot spot for tourists. It has nine different animal zones. There are more than 4000 animals and birds. A variety of species, over 800 of them are present. It is considered to be one of the world’s largest zoos. There are guides available so that you do not get lost. They will guide to visit the entire zoo by foot so that you can enjoy the beauty of this place. You cannot afford to miss this place during your visit to San Diego.

• The theme parks are famous and fun for little kids of all age group. The Lego Land theme park in particular is on top of the list. You could play and build with the Lego’s or simply take a nice ride in the park on the Lego bus. There is also a race track and Volvo driving school in the park. The kids can practice and learn how to drive here. They can even get their driver’s license after driving on the Lego land. It is a great place with family and to spend time with your most loved ones.

• San Diego boasts some of the most famous and extravagant beaches in southern California. The Mission Beach, Cardiff, Carlsbad Beach are some of the most beautiful beaches around the place. Most of the local beaches have roller blades, strollers, bicycles, sailboats, surf boats available on rental. The beaches also attract the kids for the water and sandcastle building while the bigger ones can enjoy sunbathing and the beauty.

• There are some hotels that provide with great accommodation and exquisite dining. San Diego also has sights of admiring the craftsmanship of buildings. They are not only educational but also inspiring. The night life in San Diego is one of the most diverse. It entertains one of the hippest and classy crowd around. If you want to dance away the night, or spend it with just some cocktails, or socializing, San Diego has a room for all.

Top Five Festivals of Africa

Five Festivals of AfricaThere isn’t anybody who does not like to spend good quality time. A vibrant atmosphere, good food and drinks are what make people enjoy themselves. If you are looking for an atmosphere of fun and frolic, try the top festivals of Africa.

Wacky wine weekend: It is a festival that takes place during June in Robertson. If you are a win like to know about the drink, or buy it, or keep it, this is the festival for you. It is held every year. There are a number of wine farms in the area and the whole place is packed in the weekends. All the different wine farms host different fun activities. There is also great and delicious food along with amazing wine. Be ready to indulge yourself in the frenzy of hopping from one farm to the other to have a taste all kinds of food. Being happy and drink till you can, is what you need to do. So, the festival gives you an to be lost while drinking more and more. And at the same time enjoy the feeling of being at the vineyard and being the maker.

The lake of Stars: Africa is a host to some of the biggest festivals of music and hosts a number of them. The lake of stars is a music festival that takes place on the beach powered by volunteers and is one of a kind. A bunch of guitarists and artists from Africa gather to showcase best gigs. They showcase the area’s culture and the talent of these amazing artists. It also brings forth the place as a tourist destination. The whole setting, vibe and passionate music in the festival leaves everyone who has ever attended it with awe and a similar feeling. It envisages the music, art and community universally. It is one of the finest music festivals of the world.

Sun Festival of King Ramses: Back in the 13th century BC, almost a gazillion year ago, King Ramses the second had built temples of Abu Simbel. Following the instruction of the king the artisans had build the structure in such a way that the light could enter bi-annually into the temple. This light was believed to highlight the statues of all the gods and goddesses inside the innermost secret chamber. This unique feature makes for the biggest attraction of the festival. However, the local people of Africa have taken this festival and have made it a huge entertainment of music, dance, eatery, drinks, and markets. This festival happens in the month of February and October.

Festival of the Desert: It showcases the Tuareg culture. The festival goes on for three days. People are seen merry making, singing and also the festival hosts artisans’ exhibits. Traditional music is also played. A proper stage is made with sound and light systems. Different cultures and genres share their music and a bit of themselves with all the people under the ecstatic canopy. The festival takes place in Mali in the month of January.

Up the Creek:
This is a festival that takes place in Swellendam in the month of February. All year round along the banks of the river Breede, the winds can be heard making sweet notes through the trees. You can also hear the insects making noticeable sounds in the grass. However, four days everyone is plugged in along with the amplifiers and stages are set. Music played for a crowd of 2000 festival goers. Africa has the vibe and setting and the best festivals to offer you and you need to only buy yourself an entry to the festival and be all smiles. So, be ready to pair you trip to Africa. You shall have a trip with the most amount of fun and exploration.

Top 3 Hotspots In Pattaya

Hotspots In PattayaHave you already packed your bags for a memorable trip to Pattaya? Then know about the best hotspots in the most rejuvenated spots in Thailand. Beaches, thrilling night life, casinos and good food mark an excellent trip to Pattaya. So, if you really looking forward to take a banging trip for your holidays, be sure to hit these places with your gang.

Hit the beach:

Crystal clean water with foamy white waves and cerulean sky could be experienced if you visit the rocking beaches of Pattaya. White sand, beach side cafes with exotic foods and great beach sports will welcome you once you visit the great beaches. Kon Larn Island, Cora Island are also some of the most beautiful tourist places where you can spend a great time with your friends or spouse. Rich and beautiful coral reefs with great photogenic view can refresh your mind once you visit Pattaya. Crimson colored crabs, mouth watering fishes, lobsters are also available on the cafeterias alongside the beaches in Pattaya.

Floating market:

If you are eyeing to shop a lot during your Pattaya stay, then you must visit the Pattaya floating market where you can buy almost everything with a unique way. Right from the authentic Thai food to marvelous handicrafts, all are available in the floating market which not only provides a great range of variety, but also is very cheap. Small wooden boat would take every nook and corner of the floating market which also promises to give you some extra on bargaining. Buying mementoes for your near and dear ones could be a great choice from this floating market. You can also buy fresh cooking ingredients if you have a knack for cooking from this market.

The walking street of Pattaya:

If you are ready to rock your nights in Pattaya, then nothing could be more tempting than visiting the walking street in your party wears. The entire walking streets are full of bars, night clubs, lounges and discs. Music, dance, games and beer mark the nights at these clubs. So, to make your Pattaya trip a memorable one, you must visit walking streets where courteous girls give you company if you are travelling alone.

So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and hit the plane to visit the most enthralling corner of the world, be it with your family, friends or with the special ones.

Top 5 Romantic Beaches

Romantic BeachesBeaches are the true essence of going on a holiday. Speaking of beaches the top 5 romantic beaches in the world would be:

Maldives: this beach lies south west of Sri Lanka and straddles the equator. If your idea of a dream romantic beach holiday would be relaxing in the beautiful rooms of a 4 star hotel or diving 85 ft underwater to among the tropical fishes and other creatures then both these can come true over here. Consisting of 1102 islands this archipelago is beautiful.

The Hamptons, New York: This beaches in Southampton Long Island is one which boasts of air kissing and much more. The serenity and border to the Atlantic, the beautiful sunsets and the loads of places of rejuvenation give this beach to be an ideal romantic spot too.

Hawaiian beaches: rated number one by some of the travel agencies this beach has its name for the serene scenery, tropical allure and the overall ambience. Hawaiian beaches are renowned all over the world. There are many Hawaiian Beach Rentals to choose from to make sure you find the perfect place for your vacation.
The beaches and the people are so amazing you wouldn’t want to get out of this place. A perfect destination for a romantic holiday or a honeymoon this beach has enough to surprise you.

Langkawi, Malaysia: having a historic record for pirate refugees this beach has a lot of other things to look out for. For an adventure looking romantic couple it is a full package or adventure and romance. If you want a romantic holiday away from the usual crowd and hustle bustle of people with beach and forest and beautiful places to stay or where you can just plunge into the water anytime this would be an ideal place.

Florida beaches: these beaches are characterized by unique some things which only they can offer and a home to romance and a warm stay.

Croatia: A Hidden Gem In The Mediterranean Region

Mediterranean RegionCroatia is actually a small district that is situated in the south-eastern part of Europe and Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. Obviously Croatia is not as popular as Greece, Italy, France or Spain. But many tourists visit Croatia every year in order to witness the beauty of this region. Croatia is considered to be the hidden gem in the Mediterranean region and it is also called “pearl of the Adriatic Sea”.

If you visit Croatia then you will surely get fascinated with the sunbathed beaches, hospitable locals and the quaint towns situated in the area. The most enchanting thing about Croatia is that it is surrounded by several beautiful islets and islands. You can just walk down the pebbled and sandy beaches and enjoy the sights of the turquoise waters of the beaches. Majority of the cities of Croatia are home to unique architectural structures and historical monuments.

You are sure to enjoy your stay in Croatia because the cuisine of Croatia is absolutely delectable and mouth watering. Pizza and pasta are cooked in Croatia in quite a different manner. A special mention should be given about the excellent Croatian gastronomy which consists of delicious lamb roasts, beef roasts, eels, oysters, mussels and so on. The wine that is found in Croatia must be tasted by you at all costs because it is extremely tasty.

Many boutiques and shops are located in Croatia. Thus you can also indulge in shopping while you are spending your holiday in the region. The busy port of Split should be visited by you. In addition to that, you have to stop by Dubrovnik- the walled city of Croatia. Another tourist destination in Croatia is Mijet- the island of Adriatic Sea that consists of dense forests. You can take part in several outdoor activities in Croatia such as hiking, sailing and so on.

A few tips while you are planning for car rental

planning for car rentalAre you on a plan to take up a car rental service for your upcoming trip? That’s good sine your own car in a foreign land offers you the liberty to explore the foreign place at your own pace and will- it gets all the more important when you have the kids at tow. The huge popularity of car rental services among the tourists has led to the mushroom growth of a great deal car hire agencies. But the catch is that not every such company would be prospective for you. Thus here are some tips that will help you to ensure a safe car rental deal.

First of all, you must start off with a thorough research on 5-6 potential car rental agencies around. The entire reservation can be done online today right from your home so you have plenty of time for a detailed market research. Actually the car rental deals would vary from one site to another and hence you have to search well to assure that you don’t fall prey to some overpriced deal. Always count on a reputed name and make sure to check out the testimonials sent by the previous customers.

The car rental company you are taking to should be equipped with a wide fleet of versatile vehicle to cater to any size or taste of client base. On tip to remember here- always go for a SUV or large sedan when you are traveling with kids.

Then, try to find out a reputed site which is offering discounted deals presently. There are car rental sites that often come up with discounts s part of credit card programs or frequent flier programs.

Finally, your chosen car rental agency should be flexible with the last minute changes. Make sure that your selected agency holds a solid reputation for on-time service.

Spending A Memorable Holiday In Doha

Holiday In DohaOne of the most flourishing holiday destinations in Qatar is its capital city- Doha. The mesmerizing historical emblems, interesting museums, remarkable monuments, enchanting cultural attractions and the thrilling sporting activities are what make Doha the preferred holiday destination for the people belonging to the different parts of the world. The government of Doha has been making tremendous efforts to make the city more and more comfortable and enjoyable for the hundreds of tourists that visit Doha every year.

Doha is surely a paradise for those of you who are in love with history and architecture. The entire landscape of Doha is marked by beautiful towers and forts which reflect the rich heritage of the city. You should make it a point to stop by the Doha Fort and Al Zubara Fort and Museum if you truly want to witness the history and culture of Qatar.
You can even indulge in shopping and enjoy yourself to the fullest. In case you want to get hold of something cheap yet beautiful then you must visit Souk Waqif and Gold Souk. Luxurious malls such as Landmark Mall, Doha City Center, Villagio Mall, Exclusive Boutique (Pearl Doha) are also situated in Doha which can be visited by you as and when required.

Your trip to the city would be incomplete if you do not undertake a cruising trip on Dhow which is the traditional boat of Doha. Thus ensure that you do go for ride in the Dhow. You can even undertake a desert safari while you are visiting Doha and take in the beauty of the sand dunes and the clear blue sky.
Al Maha Sanctuary is a place that should be visited by you to behold the sight of the Arabian Oryx which is an endangered deer species. Nightlife in Doha is quite impressive but conservative to a certain extent.