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Facts About Japan’s Suicide Forest

suicide forest of japan
Aokigahara forest of japan

This forest is known as Aokigahara forest which is located in japan. This forest is very popularly referred to as sea of trees or suicide forest. This is considered as the perfect place to die and is second most popular suicide spot. Every year approximately 30 to 100 people commit suicide in this jungle. The authorities of japan have made all their possible efforts to prevent his pot for becoming more popular as suicide destination. Over past several years this forest has also developed an image of being haunted by several supernatural demons and entities. This forest as served as the horror spot for some of the horror Japanese movies. Aokigahara has been popular worldwide after the release of the famous movie “The forest” in 2016. Well if you are familiar with the stories of the suicide forest or you are new to it, here are some of the freaky facts about Aokigahara forest you must know.

  • Forest is filled with rope and tape which is used as marker

This fact about the suicide forest only adds to its creepiness only. This forest has plenty of tapes and ropes all around, just think how many of them have entered and never came back. When you reach to the end of the tape or rope, there would most likely be a dead body around.

  • Most experienced hikers also get lost

If you have any plans of hiking in the forest then make your plan that there is no kind of guarantee that you will be able to fetch your way back despite of all the navigational tools that you take along with you. This area has volcanic soil and has plenty of iron deposits and hence it makes the entire compass to go wrong and leave you working in circles. The same logic also works for the GPS device also. However the chances of working of GPS are quite low or nil as there will be no signal around.

  • Buddhist monk was the first to die in the forest

According to the stories, it is said that there was a Buddhist monk who entered the forest for the first time for the idea of purifying himself and he was the first death in the forest. It is said that he starved himself to death. Well no one is perfectly aware whether intentionally did that or got there and lost his way.

  • There is no wildlife

This forest extreme dark and there is no source of sunlight in the forest. This denseness and darkness of the forest makes it for any wildlife to live and survive in the forest. The trees are also so thick and dense that even birds don’t reside there. There are only some rare cases when birds are seen in the forest and hikers gets literally shocked when they hear any bird in the forest. There are ice caves and wind caves in the forest where the hikers can go deep underground and explore the forest’s beauty.


Top Terrifying Places Across The World

Most terrifying places across the world
Top terrifying places around the world

During our childhood, our parents use to tell us plenty of stories; some of them would also be haunted and tarrying. While growing up, we realized that the stories are not just the stories but in reality also things like this happens. If you are a brave person and also a curious person to know and explore more about terrifying stories which happens to be true then you must read this article. This article talks about the top haunted places across the globe which will blow your mind. Hold your breath and get started with the list of top terrifying places across the world.

  • High gate cemetery, North London, England

Cemetery always seem to be terrifying, this is the basic image of cemetery. However this cemetery is all that you see in all those movies showing the horror scenes in cemetery. All those creepy sounds, those wind blowing, those terrifying trees and every single thing which is shown in the movies, high gate cemetery is reality of that. Just after the sun sets, the actual horror environment starts to rise along with all those paranormal activities. If you are a ghost hunter, then this is perfect place for you to visit and chat with the real life ghosts. Creaky and cranky pathways, unorganized grass pavements and headless are some of the top attractions of this place and fulfill the need of haunted sound there is owls hooting all night. This place makes it place in the top terrifying places across the world but still the natural and serene environment and creative architecture cannot be ignore and the cheery on the cake which rules the entire arena of this place….the eternal silence.

  • Changi beach, Singapore

Beaches are always looked forward as a vacation spot where there is chilling and relaxing but not all beaches are the same; the change beach here of Singapore has some different story to tell. There was a time when change beach was very popular as the killing ground used by the Japanese people to kill the Chinese soldiers at the time of 2nd world war. Plenty of Chinese soldiers were kicked to death and tortured on this beach as they were found guilty of engaging into some anti-Japanese activities. This beach was a death ground for innumerable innocent Chinese soldiers. In today’s time also people around the beach gets to hear weeping and screams of people. During night time, people also witness certain deep dig pits which were used for digging the dead people. Most freaky thing about this beach is that people here have witnessed some headless bodies of Chinese soldiers walking during the night time.

  • Monte Cristo, New South wales, Australia

This place is in the list of top terrifying places across the globe because of the owner of this mansion Mrs Crawley. This lady locked up herself in the mansion after her husband’s death and came out just once in the period of 23 years. It is believed that she died in there and her spirit still resides there. Whoever enters the mansions feels suffocated as if someone is trying to press them.


Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

Interesting Facts About Switzerland
Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

Switzerland is hell of a beautiful place and it most probably known for the lush green and beautiful mountains, the delicious cheese and some really amazing and happy people. However the glossy and good looking brochure does not depict the entire story.  Apart from the mountain, cheese and this all happy people, there is lot to see and know about Switzerland. This can make you fall in love with Switzerland even more. Whenever any of your family members are planning trip to Switzerland, you can flaunt your knowledge at the dinner table about this wonderful place and impress your elders. Well this is not the only objective to know about Switzerland, this place has such exclusive secrets to reveal that you won’t be able to stop yourself from visiting this amazing place. Check out these amazing facts about Switzerland and go on sharing it with anyone who is fond about this place.

  • The first and foremost fact about Switzerland is that it is among the only two countries which are having its national flag in square shape. The swill flag is of the red color having square shape along with a white cross in the center exactly. Apart from swill flag, Vatican has the flag of square shape.
  • Another weird but amazing facts about v is that the coffee of Zurich is considered as the most expensive one on the entire world. Hence if you are visiting Switzerland then make sure to grab a coffee and check what’s so good about that coffee to be the most expensive one in the entire world. The cost of the coffee of this place would be around 3.65 US dollars. Switzerland is also the place which has the origin of the instant coffee. Nescafe was also created in Switzerland in the year 1938.
  • Another fascinating facts about Switzerland is in favor of the citizen of this p[lace and I am sure after knowing this fact, you would envy the privilege received by the citizens of Switzerland. The citizens of Switzerland can challenge any law passed by the government. The provision in that place is that the public have to collect total 50,000 signatures within the time period of 100 days against any law after the law has been passed. If this process goes successful then a national voting is held and the voters are given the opportunity to decide by general majority whether to accept the law or to reject the law.
  • The next facts about Switzerland will definitely blow your mind off and you will think is it even possible to pass such a law. In Switzerland there is a rule that you cannot have a single pet, if you want to keep a pet then you have to keep it two of them. That means you need to have two pigs, two fish, two dogs, two fish and any other animal but two. The law of Switzerland prohibits isolation of animals and it is considered as abuse.

Interesting Facts About California

Interesting Facts about california
Facts about california

California is a wonderful place to explore and there are several interesting facts to explore as well. The capital city of this place is sacramento. The largest city of this country is Los Angeles. The abbreviation California is CA. this place has a population of 39 million. The highest point of this place is Mount Whitney and while you are visiting California, you must take a sneak peak of this point. However with all those things that you have heard about California, there would still be some of the unknown facts which will catch your interest and make you feel like how come you are not aware of such an amazing fact about California. Well there are bunch of such interesting and amusing facts about California which will literally blow your mind. Let’s start with the name California.

  • California’s name

California is considered as the mythical island paradise. This paradise is inhabited just with the beautiful amazon warriors who were using weapons and gold tools and it used to be ruled by a queen named calafia. However this was just a setting for famous Spanish novel named las Sergas de Esplandian which was published in the July in the year 1510. In the earlier times, the Spanish explorers used to believe that the California which is there in the present day is an island and it was actually ruled amazon queen and hence they named the place California. Now I am sure you must not know this amazing fact about name of California.

  • State having biggest economy

California is officially the first state which became the trillion dollar economy that too n a gross state product. If California in spite of being a state would be a country then it would be considered as the sixth largest economy in the entire world. In the year 2015, California was the one which even surpassed France and it became sixth largest economy in the entire world.

  • Discovery of California

The cost of the present state of California was discovered by a European. The chief pilot of Ferrelo was the first European to explore this place. This person was basically sailing for Spain and he left on June 1542 from the Navidad which is on the west coast of Mexico and proceeded towards north. In September, he actually reached the San Diego bay and became the first European to set his foot on what it now called as the state of California.

  • Evolution of McDonalds

California is considered as the birth place of McDonalds. Now this is really what you don’t know. You might have visited McDonalds for plenty of times but you might have not known that California is the birth place of this famous chain. This is considered as the world’s largest chain of burgers. This was actually opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the year 1940 in San Bernardino in California and it kept on progressing there on.

Packing Tips For Beach Vacation

Beach vacation packing tips
Packing for beach vacation

Are you planning for a beach vacation? If yes then you should be aware that beach is all about fun, water, swimming, and the entire best thing you can expect of. But you cannot forget beach is also all about sun which brings tan. You don’t want to spend a month or two to get your original color back after one week of beach vacation. When you are going for a vacation at any random destination then packing is not that essential thing to consider but when you are going for a beach vacation packing the right essential and carrying them along with is very important. You must be all set for a beach vacation, with air tickets booked, hotel rooms also booked and your excitement level is at your peak but the only thing you are left with is packing. Most of the people keep it at last as it is a dreaded task and it kills your excitement and hence it is considered as the last minute job. But does it ever happened with you that due to last minute packing you have left something to pack which was very essential then you are regretting? If yes then you don’t want this to happen while packing for your beach vacation. Here are some of the essential things you must consider while packing for your beach vacation.

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is by far one of the most important things to pack for your beach vacation. Make this thing your best friend while you are on the beach. You might seem exploring the beach to be real fun but under any condition don’t go put in the sun without applying sunscreen. Apply loads and loads of it to each and every body part which is going to be exposed to the sun. Take a sunscreen which has SPF higher than 50 and keep on applying it often. Don’t miss out to apply lip guard along with sunscreen.

  • Casual shoes and flip flops

While packing for a beach vacation, it’s very essential to take flip flops or casual shoes as it is most comforting. These are very light weighted and walking on the beach is also easy if you put on casual shoes and flip flops.

  • Hats

Hat is not just a fashionable beach time accessory to carry on but it is also works best in providing protection from the sun. Exposure to the sun for a longer period of time can be very much dangerous for your skin. Hat is a handy solution to this problem. Check out for the light colors in hat as they will reflect the heat.

  • Sunglasses

Take a good pair of sunglasses for protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Pick the sun glasses which have larger lenses while you are on the beach vacation.  If you are planning to wear your sun glasses while you are in the water then make sure to buy the strips as well to that you don’t lose them in water.



Best Places To Visit In Venice

water side destination venice
Places to visit in venice

When a city like Venice which is filled with plenty of tourist attraction, it is bit difficult to decide where to begin the exploration with. The best way to explore the places to visit in Venice is to get lost and enchant the little streets of Venice.  No matter where the streets will take you but you will end up seeing something beautiful. Venice is a city built on the cost of northeastern Italy on 118 islands. Venice is a city of canals and it will look more like something which is out of the picture book. Places to visit in Venice will excel in all conditions and fulfill all your expectation in both peak and low season. This city is packed up with plenty of astounding architecture and art. If you are having any plans of places to visit in Venice then, here are some o0f the top tourist attraction you must see in Venice.

  • Bridge of sighs

This one of the top places to visit in Venice and it was built in the year 1600. This bridge is the connection between new prisons which is across the Rio di Palazzo and the interrogation room in the Doge’s palace. This place was designed by Antonio Contino whose uncle designed the famous Rialto Bridge. The name bridge of sighs has a theory behind it. This name was kept keeping in mind that the prisoners would give a sigh while going to the prison when they are getting the last view of the beautiful Venice through a small window when they are taken by the executioner. Actually during the days of execution, the construction of this bridge was completed and the cells which are there under the roof of the palace were occupied by the small criminals.

  • San Giorgio Maggiore

This is one the best places to visit in Venice. It is actually a small island which is situated across the lagoon from the St Mark’s square. This place is designed by a very famous and renowned architect Andrea Palladio. This church is featuring a façade clad in the pure white marbles and airy and open interior which is very refreshing. The main attraction of here is the two epic paintings named “The fall of Manna” and “Last Supper”. This is one of the popular churches and goes to the top of the church through an elevator and has a look of the neoclassic bell tower for enjoying a beautiful view of splendid Venice.

  • Ca D Oro

This place is originally recognized as palazzo Santa Sofia in today’s time it is commonly known as Ca D Oro. This façade has an astounding structure which now doesn’t have the ornamentation which this place has earned in the past.  This place has nick name of house of gold and the pink and white building is now considered as the treasure trove of art. This place is located on the Grand Canal and is home to Museo Franchetti.


Tips for Packing While Travelling

Packing while travelling
Packing for trip

There are plenty of people who do packing at the last moment. However this is not the right thing to do. Last minute packing will make you forget some really essential thing and leaving you really disappointed and Hunting for the closet store art your destination for grabbing the left item. Unlike this, another scenario can be over packing the things and ending up being disorganized burdening you with heavy bags and paying extra money for extra luggage if travelling by flight. Despite of the fact whether you are packing for a weekend break or for the two weak beach holidays or a business trip, packing your stuff like a pro is very essential thing to do. Here are some of the tips which will help to do your packing effectively without forgetting anything.

  • Prepare a packing list

Are you tensed that you will forget some essential while packing? Have it happened you have remembered something while work to pack and forget the same thing while packing and regretted in your trip? If yes then you are not the only one facing this. To save yourself from missing out any essential, you should make a packing list before you start packing. Make list of what things you will need on your trip. You should keep this list with you all the time and whenever you remember anything note it down at the very moment and check this list while packing. You can use this list of packing every single time you travel.

  • Dodge stains

Now you might have packed clean and tidy clothes and discover a stain when you unpack it. This is really very much irritating. To avoid these stains, you should not pack your light colored clothes on the top, instead put the light colored clothes in the center. Take the disposable shower caps and cover your shoes in them. Many of the times shoes create stains in your clothes, covering them will help you to get rid of stains.

  • Roll your clothes

One of the essential tips for packing is to roll your clothes instead of folding it. Many people think that rolling your clothes will make crease in them. However this is not true. Rolling your clothes instead of folding will give you extra space in your bags and it will also keep your iron clothes intact without any crease in them. Try packing your clothes in this manner once and you will see the difference.

  • Fill up the dead space

When things come about packing, you must make use of every single space available to you. You can roll up your socks, hankies, small tops, and underwear’s and put them in your shoes. This will save up space in your suitcase and you will utilize the dead space of your shoes and of your bag.

  • Use zip lock bags

These bags should be used in packing specifically for electronics items. You will keep all of them in your hand bag which will tangle and you will not find them easily when you want them. Instead put those in separate zip lock bags to having comfort in getting them whenever needed.

Games To Play On A Road Trip

Road trip games to play
Games to play on road trip

When you hear the word trip, you travel to a whole different world of imagination, seeing yourself having fun, doing several things and having fun of extreme level. If you are planning to go on a road trip, you want to make most out of it. However the joy and excitement of road trip can be maintained only if you have such bunch of exciting people with you. Road trip is a long ride and you have lots and lots of time to cut. Not to make you discourage or anything like that but chances are there that you get bored. To keep your and your trip mate’s spirits up while your road trip, you need to find exciting things to do. To help you out, here is a small idea; you can play games on your road trip. Don’t be a spoiled sport and think about it twice. It can be real fun to play cool and interesting games on road trip which will turn out to be sweet memories to be recalled in future. Your road trip should be like a story which you can interestingly and excitingly tell to everyone and make them envy. To help you out make your road trip memorable here are some of the exciting games to play on your road trip.

  • Human jukebox

Now you always listen to music while travelling alone. Why don’t try something different this time. In this game you will have to start singing a song, the other person have to start another song from the word where you exactly ended. This can be real fun if the entire person in the car is music lovers. You can even turn out into picking any word from the song and starting a new song. Say for example, love me like you do….. Love the way you lie. You can also make some changes in it and create a new game. You need to turn on the radio and start singing the sing, now anyone can change the tune and you will have to catch instantly with the new song.

  • Act it out

This game can be really fun to play on road trip, if everyone present in your car is a movie freak. Here one person has to act a movie without saying a word and the rest of the people have to guess it. You can also make two teams and play the game. For making it more exciting you can add a dare. The losing party has to do a dare said by the winning party. Dare can be anything, it can be getting out of the car and kissing a random person or snatching candy from a baby or asking for money from people. Now this can be really cool.

  • Hot seat

This can also be a really interesting game to play on a road trip. Here one person would be on target and rest of the person would be asking 10 questions to him, out of which he has to answer at least 9 answers. If he loses he has to pay food bill of that day and if he wins he can choose the next target.


Must Visit Destinations From Hollywood Movies

There are many destinations which were not so popular but after filming them in Hollywood movies, they become very much popular and people started visiting it. Magnificent waterfalls, Snow covered mountains, Crystal clear waters, Lush green meadows; all of us have watched some such movies which give us the feel of packing our stuff right away and go to the place where such movie was shooting.  There are many such destinations from Hollywood movies which are extremely beautiful and must be visited once in your lifetime. If you are also fond to visit destinations from Hollywood movies and confused as to which place to visit, then here is a list of destination from Hollywood movies worth visiting and having great experience out of it.

  • New Zealand- Lord of the rings

lord of rings in new zealand
Shooting of lord of rings in new zealand

A dream like location known as middle earth was captured in the very famous and popular movie lord of the rings. It is a must visit destinations from Hollywood movies which is clearly visible in the movie itself. It captured some of the far flung places and untouched areas of the New Zealand which was just immensely beautiful. The splendid and the lush green landscape supported perfectly to bring the plain land to life and make it look fictional. This spot has now become very popular as the home of the middle earth s it has the exceptional beauty of north and south islands of this must visit destinations from Hollywood movies covering up the places across wellington, Matamata, Waikato, nelson and Canterbury.

  • Scotland and UK- Harry potter

Shooting of harry potter in england
capturing Scotland in harry potter

Making a 7 part book to a real life and that too with this much perfection is not an easy task at all. You must have watched this movie and wished that you would be at such places. It is one those destinations from Hollywood movies which every individual have thought of visiting once. Staying loyal with each and every location of the book was difficult but nooks and corners of moors, lands, castles and manors of England was really a perfect fit to makeup the Gringott’s bank, platform no 93/4, leaky cauldron and such other things. This movie also covered some parts of Scotland and oxford and Durham to portray some of the scenes of Hogwarts express passing through the misty countries and such other scenes. Hence seeing harry potter will definitely make England and Scotland ne those destinations from Hollywood movies to visit.

  • Paris- Midnight in Paris

Midnight in paris
capturing paris in midnight in paris

Paris is any ways all-time favorite place to explore. But after these movies, it is in the top list of those destinations from Hollywood movies which must be visited. This movie portray a dreamy world wherein a screenwriter was taken aback by the charm and magic of this place which makes him realize and solve out all the differences with his fiancé and make his love story more memorable. Here the character leaves his present and have a time travel and goes back to the alluring love of Paris. It has captured such beautiful scenes that anyone who has not seen this place would definitely want to visit this destinations from Hollywood movies.

Here are some of the famous destinations with number of movies filmed in there.

Movies in destinations

Name of destination Number of movies
Louisiana 18
california 15
Canada 15
UK 12
Georgia 9
New york 4
New Zealand 2
North carolina 4


Historical Tourist Destinations To Visit

World is full of cute, terrific, mind blowing and fantastic places and destinations to visit. These destinations can be both natural and manmade but they are worth watching. There are plenty of historical tourist destinations to visit which are incredible and breathtaking and prepared by ancient civilization and preserved by modern civilization to have a glimpse of our past life. Sometimes it becomes difficult and confusing as to which historical tourist destinations to visit and which not. Think and consider all the historical tourist destination to visit and you will have your own take on them. It’s fun to read and listen about the historical tourist destinations to visit but its more fantastic to actually to go there and have glimpse of historical tourist destinations to visit. Here are some of the best historical tourist destinations to visit which will leave you totally amazed.

  • The pyramids at Giza

Pyramids of gizaThe pyramids of Giza are almost 3000 years old and still there is no ideas as how they were building or how were the Egyptians were able to make them so precise. Some people also have a doubt as to where there aliens involved in making them. The three pyramids are aligned to the stars and also with the solstices and they also contain tons of chambers which in today’s date also not opened. It’s really an interesting thing as to how they have created those chambers where the people can’t even crawl and go inside. The largest pyramid named as the great pyramid was built by Pharaoh Khufu and it has very limited access. The pyramids are one of those top tourists destinations to visit and are marvelous piece of human engineering which was totally appropriate for the kings.

  • Angkor wat

Angkor watThis is one of the most ancient cities of Cambodia and was the center of the Khmer Empire which rules the most of the Southeast Asia. This empire declined and fell but before that it has built many of the beautiful temples and extraordinary buildings which were later on reclaimed by the jungle for hundreds of years. Angkor Wat is most of the times filled with tourist and thus it is declared as one of the top historical tourist destinations to visit. It is truly a breath taking site to see. If you really want to experience the beauty of these beautiful temples then you need to go early in the morning when there are no crowded groups of tourists or you can go late.

  • The Alhambra

AlhambraThis is also one of the best historical tourist destinations to visit. It is Granada’s and Europe’s love letter to the culture of Moorish. Here you will find the rustling of leaves, tickling of cute fountains and mysterious lingering of ancient spirits. Alhambra is part palace; it is part fort, part world heritage site and part lesson in the medieval architecture. This is beautiful place with lots of gardens and buildings and even most historical tourist destinations to visit.