Best 3 beaches in Samal Island

Samal Island, beach destinationThe Island of the Garden Cities or the Samal Island is famous for their exotic white sand beaches and clear blue seas. The weather is always warm and welcoming here and if you are planning for a romantic getaway, far from the maddening crowds of the cities then you can visit some of the most famous beaches in this area. The paradise beach and resort is one place you shouldn’t miss. There are many food joints, spas and beach bars in this area which makes your stay a wonderful experience altogether.

Another beach, called the Maxima Aquafun is closer to the main city. There are many water sports and activities held here in which even children can take part. Trained professionals and medical health professionals are always present on the premises and so it’s safe for the entire family. Finally, one of the most famous beaches here is the Blue Jazz Beach Resort and Water Park. Experience the fun rides and atmosphere of a water park right at each with good food and great music to accompany you.