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Facts About Japan’s Suicide Forest

suicide forest of japan
Aokigahara forest of japan

This forest is known as Aokigahara forest which is located in japan. This forest is very popularly referred to as sea of trees or suicide forest. This is considered as the perfect place to die and is second most popular suicide spot. Every year approximately 30 to 100 people commit suicide in this jungle. The authorities of japan have made all their possible efforts to prevent his pot for becoming more popular as suicide destination. Over past several years this forest has also developed an image of being haunted by several supernatural demons and entities. This forest as served as the horror spot for some of the horror Japanese movies. Aokigahara has been popular worldwide after the release of the famous movie “The forest” in 2016. Well if you are familiar with the stories of the suicide forest or you are new to it, here are some of the freaky facts about Aokigahara forest you must know.

  • Forest is filled with rope and tape which is used as marker

This fact about the suicide forest only adds to its creepiness only. This forest has plenty of tapes and ropes all around, just think how many of them have entered and never came back. When you reach to the end of the tape or rope, there would most likely be a dead body around.

  • Most experienced hikers also get lost

If you have any plans of hiking in the forest then make your plan that there is no kind of guarantee that you will be able to fetch your way back despite of all the navigational tools that you take along with you. This area has volcanic soil and has plenty of iron deposits and hence it makes the entire compass to go wrong and leave you working in circles. The same logic also works for the GPS device also. However the chances of working of GPS are quite low or nil as there will be no signal around.

  • Buddhist monk was the first to die in the forest

According to the stories, it is said that there was a Buddhist monk who entered the forest for the first time for the idea of purifying himself and he was the first death in the forest. It is said that he starved himself to death. Well no one is perfectly aware whether intentionally did that or got there and lost his way.

  • There is no wildlife

This forest extreme dark and there is no source of sunlight in the forest. This denseness and darkness of the forest makes it for any wildlife to live and survive in the forest. The trees are also so thick and dense that even birds don’t reside there. There are only some rare cases when birds are seen in the forest and hikers gets literally shocked when they hear any bird in the forest. There are ice caves and wind caves in the forest where the hikers can go deep underground and explore the forest’s beauty.


Top Terrifying Places Across The World

Most terrifying places across the world
Top terrifying places around the world

During our childhood, our parents use to tell us plenty of stories; some of them would also be haunted and tarrying. While growing up, we realized that the stories are not just the stories but in reality also things like this happens. If you are a brave person and also a curious person to know and explore more about terrifying stories which happens to be true then you must read this article. This article talks about the top haunted places across the globe which will blow your mind. Hold your breath and get started with the list of top terrifying places across the world.

  • High gate cemetery, North London, England

Cemetery always seem to be terrifying, this is the basic image of cemetery. However this cemetery is all that you see in all those movies showing the horror scenes in cemetery. All those creepy sounds, those wind blowing, those terrifying trees and every single thing which is shown in the movies, high gate cemetery is reality of that. Just after the sun sets, the actual horror environment starts to rise along with all those paranormal activities. If you are a ghost hunter, then this is perfect place for you to visit and chat with the real life ghosts. Creaky and cranky pathways, unorganized grass pavements and headless are some of the top attractions of this place and fulfill the need of haunted sound there is owls hooting all night. This place makes it place in the top terrifying places across the world but still the natural and serene environment and creative architecture cannot be ignore and the cheery on the cake which rules the entire arena of this place….the eternal silence.

  • Changi beach, Singapore

Beaches are always looked forward as a vacation spot where there is chilling and relaxing but not all beaches are the same; the change beach here of Singapore has some different story to tell. There was a time when change beach was very popular as the killing ground used by the Japanese people to kill the Chinese soldiers at the time of 2nd world war. Plenty of Chinese soldiers were kicked to death and tortured on this beach as they were found guilty of engaging into some anti-Japanese activities. This beach was a death ground for innumerable innocent Chinese soldiers. In today’s time also people around the beach gets to hear weeping and screams of people. During night time, people also witness certain deep dig pits which were used for digging the dead people. Most freaky thing about this beach is that people here have witnessed some headless bodies of Chinese soldiers walking during the night time.

  • Monte Cristo, New South wales, Australia

This place is in the list of top terrifying places across the globe because of the owner of this mansion Mrs Crawley. This lady locked up herself in the mansion after her husband’s death and came out just once in the period of 23 years. It is believed that she died in there and her spirit still resides there. Whoever enters the mansions feels suffocated as if someone is trying to press them.


Games To Play On A Road Trip

Road trip games to play
Games to play on road trip

When you hear the word trip, you travel to a whole different world of imagination, seeing yourself having fun, doing several things and having fun of extreme level. If you are planning to go on a road trip, you want to make most out of it. However the joy and excitement of road trip can be maintained only if you have such bunch of exciting people with you. Road trip is a long ride and you have lots and lots of time to cut. Not to make you discourage or anything like that but chances are there that you get bored. To keep your and your trip mate’s spirits up while your road trip, you need to find exciting things to do. To help you out, here is a small idea; you can play games on your road trip. Don’t be a spoiled sport and think about it twice. It can be real fun to play cool and interesting games on road trip which will turn out to be sweet memories to be recalled in future. Your road trip should be like a story which you can interestingly and excitingly tell to everyone and make them envy. To help you out make your road trip memorable here are some of the exciting games to play on your road trip.

  • Human jukebox

Now you always listen to music while travelling alone. Why don’t try something different this time. In this game you will have to start singing a song, the other person have to start another song from the word where you exactly ended. This can be real fun if the entire person in the car is music lovers. You can even turn out into picking any word from the song and starting a new song. Say for example, love me like you do….. Love the way you lie. You can also make some changes in it and create a new game. You need to turn on the radio and start singing the sing, now anyone can change the tune and you will have to catch instantly with the new song.

  • Act it out

This game can be really fun to play on road trip, if everyone present in your car is a movie freak. Here one person has to act a movie without saying a word and the rest of the people have to guess it. You can also make two teams and play the game. For making it more exciting you can add a dare. The losing party has to do a dare said by the winning party. Dare can be anything, it can be getting out of the car and kissing a random person or snatching candy from a baby or asking for money from people. Now this can be really cool.

  • Hot seat

This can also be a really interesting game to play on a road trip. Here one person would be on target and rest of the person would be asking 10 questions to him, out of which he has to answer at least 9 answers. If he loses he has to pay food bill of that day and if he wins he can choose the next target.


Places To Visit In Thailand

Thailand is such a huge place that you would probably need months to explore it deeply and keenly. But of course everyone is short of time these days and exploring whole Thailand is not possible but there is list places to visit in Thailand. There are truly immensely beautiful places to visit in Thailand which will mesmerize you and make your trip thoroughly memorable. Starting from city life to great shopping spots, from lush green jungles to gigantic waterfalls, from romantic beaches to exclusive resorts, there are wide range of activities and various places to visit in Thailand. If you don’t have the luxury of too much time, then here is the list of top places to visit in Thailand which you must not leave while having a trip to Thailand.

  • Bangkok

BangkokA cosmopolitan city and capital of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most desired places to visit in Thailand. Bangkok offers a great, vibrant and exciting nightlife along with plethora of cultures to keep you amused and entertained throughout the day. Most visited and popular places to visit in Bangkok are Wat Prakeaw and Grand Palace. These places were built   by order of the king in the year 1782. Floating market or Damnoen Saduak are some of the other interesting attraction in Bangkok. But on a whole Bangkok is one of the places to visit in Thailand which must not be left out. You can take a boat tour through narrow canals where there are many sellers of fruits and vegetables and you can buy them through your boat only. It is a nice way to explore Bangkok.

  • Phuket

PhuketPhuket is one of the most popular beach town and one of the best places to visit in Thailand. Phang Nga Bay has few of the best beaches across the globe which you must visit while exploring Thailand. This area is also renowned as James Bond Island as the famous movie “The man with the Golden Gun” was filmed. Phuket is considered as one of the notorious places to visit in Thailand because of it’s over the top and wild night life. It is very much famous for bars, alcohol, cabaret shows and loud music.

  • Pattaya

PattayaPattaya has attained the reputation of the seedy town over some of the past years but if you distance yourself from the bar area then there are plethora to things to see and do. The beaches of pattaya are not as attractive when compared to those of the south but still they deserve a visit while you are exploring Thailand. There are some of the distinctive attractions such as bottle art museum and also the floating market of pattaya is by far the largest floating market in the whole world. Pattya is one of the most popular land marks in Thailand. Thus there are many exciting and astonishing places to visit in Thailand and these are the shortlisted one which you must not leave while exploring Thailand.

Top Five Festivals of Africa

Five Festivals of AfricaThere isn’t anybody who does not like to spend good quality time. A vibrant atmosphere, good food and drinks are what make people enjoy themselves. If you are looking for an atmosphere of fun and frolic, try the top festivals of Africa.

Wacky wine weekend: It is a festival that takes place during June in Robertson. If you are a win like to know about the drink, or buy it, or keep it, this is the festival for you. It is held every year. There are a number of wine farms in the area and the whole place is packed in the weekends. All the different wine farms host different fun activities. There is also great and delicious food along with amazing wine. Be ready to indulge yourself in the frenzy of hopping from one farm to the other to have a taste all kinds of food. Being happy and drink till you can, is what you need to do. So, the festival gives you an to be lost while drinking more and more. And at the same time enjoy the feeling of being at the vineyard and being the maker.

The lake of Stars: Africa is a host to some of the biggest festivals of music and hosts a number of them. The lake of stars is a music festival that takes place on the beach powered by volunteers and is one of a kind. A bunch of guitarists and artists from Africa gather to showcase best gigs. They showcase the area’s culture and the talent of these amazing artists. It also brings forth the place as a tourist destination. The whole setting, vibe and passionate music in the festival leaves everyone who has ever attended it with awe and a similar feeling. It envisages the music, art and community universally. It is one of the finest music festivals of the world.

Sun Festival of King Ramses: Back in the 13th century BC, almost a gazillion year ago, King Ramses the second had built temples of Abu Simbel. Following the instruction of the king the artisans had build the structure in such a way that the light could enter bi-annually into the temple. This light was believed to highlight the statues of all the gods and goddesses inside the innermost secret chamber. This unique feature makes for the biggest attraction of the festival. However, the local people of Africa have taken this festival and have made it a huge entertainment of music, dance, eatery, drinks, and markets. This festival happens in the month of February and October.

Festival of the Desert: It showcases the Tuareg culture. The festival goes on for three days. People are seen merry making, singing and also the festival hosts artisans’ exhibits. Traditional music is also played. A proper stage is made with sound and light systems. Different cultures and genres share their music and a bit of themselves with all the people under the ecstatic canopy. The festival takes place in Mali in the month of January.

Up the Creek:
This is a festival that takes place in Swellendam in the month of February. All year round along the banks of the river Breede, the winds can be heard making sweet notes through the trees. You can also hear the insects making noticeable sounds in the grass. However, four days everyone is plugged in along with the amplifiers and stages are set. Music played for a crowd of 2000 festival goers. Africa has the vibe and setting and the best festivals to offer you and you need to only buy yourself an entry to the festival and be all smiles. So, be ready to pair you trip to Africa. You shall have a trip with the most amount of fun and exploration.

Top 3 Hotspots In Pattaya

Hotspots In PattayaHave you already packed your bags for a memorable trip to Pattaya? Then know about the best hotspots in the most rejuvenated spots in Thailand. Beaches, thrilling night life, casinos and good food mark an excellent trip to Pattaya. So, if you really looking forward to take a banging trip for your holidays, be sure to hit these places with your gang.

Hit the beach:

Crystal clean water with foamy white waves and cerulean sky could be experienced if you visit the rocking beaches of Pattaya. White sand, beach side cafes with exotic foods and great beach sports will welcome you once you visit the great beaches. Kon Larn Island, Cora Island are also some of the most beautiful tourist places where you can spend a great time with your friends or spouse. Rich and beautiful coral reefs with great photogenic view can refresh your mind once you visit Pattaya. Crimson colored crabs, mouth watering fishes, lobsters are also available on the cafeterias alongside the beaches in Pattaya.

Floating market:

If you are eyeing to shop a lot during your Pattaya stay, then you must visit the Pattaya floating market where you can buy almost everything with a unique way. Right from the authentic Thai food to marvelous handicrafts, all are available in the floating market which not only provides a great range of variety, but also is very cheap. Small wooden boat would take every nook and corner of the floating market which also promises to give you some extra on bargaining. Buying mementoes for your near and dear ones could be a great choice from this floating market. You can also buy fresh cooking ingredients if you have a knack for cooking from this market.

The walking street of Pattaya:

If you are ready to rock your nights in Pattaya, then nothing could be more tempting than visiting the walking street in your party wears. The entire walking streets are full of bars, night clubs, lounges and discs. Music, dance, games and beer mark the nights at these clubs. So, to make your Pattaya trip a memorable one, you must visit walking streets where courteous girls give you company if you are travelling alone.

So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and hit the plane to visit the most enthralling corner of the world, be it with your family, friends or with the special ones.

Enjoy the African Safari

African Safari, safari travelNo vacation in Africa is complete with the Safari; in fact an African vacation is almost synonymous with Safari. The experience of watching wild animals in the natural surrounding just from a stone’s throw distance is definitely mind boggling and exhilarating. So, when you plan a trip to Africa you must definitely plan a safari tours. African countries in which safari tours are extremely popular include Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana and Tanzania and the varied landscape along with the animals in the wild will surely offer you an experience of a life time. The wildlife parks in these countries are simply perfect was spotting the wild animals. If you go on the safari trip in the summers, you will be able to spot the animals drinking water and in the rainy season you will be able to see the animals eating green vegetations. So, when you plan your trip to Africa plan it during the summer or the rains.

There are a lot of organizations in Africa who arrange Safaris for the tourists and the Safari packages come complete with accommodation in lodges, campgrounds and outdoor baths. In fact, nowadays there are some Safari organizers who offer the facility of spas and saunas for the tourists. Some packages include butler services as well. If you do not want to hire the services of Safari organizers then you can also get in touch with professional Safari guides who will help you to explore the best places and reserves. You can explore the wildlife parks in the safari vehicles or you can choose to see the park in a boat or even an aircraft. In fact, at times the professional guides include trackers and hunters during the trips as well. However, you also need to understand that Africa offers more than wild animals and you must experience Africa at its very best.

Best Places To Visit For Science Geeks

Yellowstone National ParkAmong the top places to visit for Science Geeks across the globe are

1.      A visit to a great geological activity site like the Yellowstone National Park. The magma heated spring water in geysers and springs which are created by a rise in molten rock plume off 400 miles from the inner crust under the earth are spectacular to observe. The Grand Prismatic is a wonderful geyser with fairy falls and up to 560 gallons per minute of water that gives birth to great variety of bacterial life is indeed a privilege to witness.

2.      Witnessing the volcanic eruption at Montserrat in Lesser Antilles is also a phenomenal experience.  The volcanoes continuous sporadic eruption that has covered more than two thirds of the island in ash is a treat to watch. The small and greatly diminishing population against the overburdened volcanic wasteland of the island can be closely studied from nearby islands.

Trekking In Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, trekkingThe Grand Canyon is a famous trekking destination situated in the United States of America. The trek up the Grand Canyon is physically very demanding but the effort is worth it because of the scenery you get to witness in this exquisite place. There are also extreme transitions in the temperature conditions along with transitions in altitude.

Entire trail in the Grand Canyon is well maintained. There are reliable lodges and campsites for the tourists. It is also easy to get phones and network in the Grand Canyon trekking track. There are rangers posted in every campground to help you if you have any problem. All this makes your trekking trip enjoyable and memorable.

Ensure that you pack all the standard items like sleeping bags, first aid kit, hiking boots etc for the trekking trip. Secure the necessary permits and decide which route you want to take for the trip. It is certain that your trip to Grand Canyon is going to be unforgettable.

The Other Side of the Day: In Munich

visit munichEveryone knows that Munich is one of the most commonly visited places by tourist from all over the world. Surely there are beautiful and historically significant places to travel and explore in Munich but with all the glamour and splendor of the city comes a dark and intriguing side as well. You must be familiar with the “ghost tours” of Europe and Munich also has its own ghost tour.

Around 7 or 8 30 in the night the haunted walk in Munich is organized by several tourism agencies and people gather in small groups and they are led through the winding dark and quietly mysterious streets of Munich while people are told about the eerie history of each spot. The tour guides are very efficient and helpful and the tours are mostly free for children. All children have to be accompanied by an adult. There are many places to visit and know about in these “haunted tours” and each tour lasts for 1 to 2 hours at most.