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Motorcycle Riding Tour for Women in North Ontario

The whole adrenaline rush associated with adventure travelling is truly thrilling. Such a rush can arise from various activities – water sports, adventure sports (jumping down a cliff, or perhaps an airplane), riding motorcycles half way across the country, and so on. Motorcycles have always been looked upon as a mode of letting out the beast within – perhaps that is why it was always men who tamed these wild machines. However, with the advancement of the human civilization, women have come ahead in the league and today account for about one fourth of the total motor cycle drivers.

Women have proved that they are just as good as men when it comes to taming machines, as has been reflected from the five day women’s tour sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Tourism Association and Go Ride, Ontario. The very less explored Northern Part of Ontario was taken as the stage.

An Autumn Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

Every season has its own unique features, for e.g. the occasional downpours and the brightened up nature during rainy season, warm sunny days at the beach during summers and so on. The autumn marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter. During this season, the whole picture around us converts into the typical autumn shade and gets ready for the harsh winters. However, this season also comes along with some good holidays, which are perfect for a relaxing getaway. The Great Smoky Mountain range is one such location which you can plan to visit during your autumn holidays.

Located on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, this huge stretch of the Appalachian Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage site and include a National Park and a Biosphere reserve. The best way to enjoy your day is to opt for a walking tour of the National Park, exploring the wonderful nature.

Enjoy the Kerala Backwater Tours

/>When it comes to India, people often are confused while selecting the tourist destinations. This land has practically everything nature and vacation can offer. The geographical variations include snow clad Himalayas, the Great Indian Desert, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and the various dense forests. Every state has its own historical as well as cultural beauty. Also, many cities are well equipped with new age tourism facilities like shopping, classy dining, recreational as well as entertainment activities. If you wish to cover the whole country, you might require more than a couple of months. Kerala is one such heavenly state, complete with scenic beaches, banana leaf forests, well cultured natives and an irresistible cuisine.

One must do thing is to go for the Backwater Tours. The three major backwater destinations are Alleppey, Fort Kochi and Kumarakom. You can enjoy the traditional houseboat experience along with warm and hospitable attendants who will not only show you the amazing backwaters but will also serve you piping hot fresh sea food cuisine.