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Packing Tips For Beach Vacation

Beach vacation packing tips
Packing for beach vacation

Are you planning for a beach vacation? If yes then you should be aware that beach is all about fun, water, swimming, and the entire best thing you can expect of. But you cannot forget beach is also all about sun which brings tan. You don’t want to spend a month or two to get your original color back after one week of beach vacation. When you are going for a vacation at any random destination then packing is not that essential thing to consider but when you are going for a beach vacation packing the right essential and carrying them along with is very important. You must be all set for a beach vacation, with air tickets booked, hotel rooms also booked and your excitement level is at your peak but the only thing you are left with is packing. Most of the people keep it at last as it is a dreaded task and it kills your excitement and hence it is considered as the last minute job. But does it ever happened with you that due to last minute packing you have left something to pack which was very essential then you are regretting? If yes then you don’t want this to happen while packing for your beach vacation. Here are some of the essential things you must consider while packing for your beach vacation.

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is by far one of the most important things to pack for your beach vacation. Make this thing your best friend while you are on the beach. You might seem exploring the beach to be real fun but under any condition don’t go put in the sun without applying sunscreen. Apply loads and loads of it to each and every body part which is going to be exposed to the sun. Take a sunscreen which has SPF higher than 50 and keep on applying it often. Don’t miss out to apply lip guard along with sunscreen.

  • Casual shoes and flip flops

While packing for a beach vacation, it’s very essential to take flip flops or casual shoes as it is most comforting. These are very light weighted and walking on the beach is also easy if you put on casual shoes and flip flops.

  • Hats

Hat is not just a fashionable beach time accessory to carry on but it is also works best in providing protection from the sun. Exposure to the sun for a longer period of time can be very much dangerous for your skin. Hat is a handy solution to this problem. Check out for the light colors in hat as they will reflect the heat.

  • Sunglasses

Take a good pair of sunglasses for protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Pick the sun glasses which have larger lenses while you are on the beach vacation.  If you are planning to wear your sun glasses while you are in the water then make sure to buy the strips as well to that you don’t lose them in water.



Things to Know Before Visiting Maldives

Things to know before visiting Maldives
Maldives – Things to know

Maldives, the first thing that comes across our mind is its beauty and scenic views. It is termed to be a dream vacation spot that offers most idyllic scenic views and the die hearting wish of quitting your job for once and living your rest of the life in Maldives. I know, it’s quite wired but trust me folks, Maldives is the ultimate place with different fantasies. But, But, But, wait for a minute before you visit Maldives. There are many things to know before you visit Maldives. We all are known about the familiar picture of Maldives, but trust me, there are plenty of surprising things, you might just don’t know about the island. Whether you’re going for the trip to Maldives or not, these things should be known before visiting Maldives for your dream trip.

Interesting facts about Maldives:

Featuring effects of the glow in the dark beach:

You might have seen the glow in the dark beach in the movies or posters, and might be thinking that it is fake, but trust me folks!! It’s actually the real one. Travelers visiting Maldives can garb the chance of enjoying a mesmerizing beauty of live water with sparkling lights at night. It will be an unforgettable experience for the travelers who are planning for visiting Maldives. But don’t forget to check the timing and the month you’re visiting for enjoying the spectacular lighting effects walking with your better half holding hands is the best thing you can enjoy for.

Well, not all the islands in Maldives are natural:

We all might believe that most of the islands in Maldives are formerly formed by the occurrence of volcanoes, but there are certain islands which are man-made too. Take the example of Huhulmale, which is situated closet to the airport. It is an artificial island that is constructed in the year of 2004. It is made up out of load of concrete and sand for making up the foundation of the island. But if you see today, it seems like a full-fledged town depicting with housing, residential, hotels, coastline, shops and paved roads.

Overrated over water villas:

We all have the fantasy of spending our precious time for honeymoon in the over water villas in Maldives, isn’t it? But, But let me tell you, there are many things which you should think before you head ahead for booking the over water villas. You might be known about the little huts over the water surface standing still, is something beautiful which all of us want.

It definitely sows with different scenic views that too on you own private villa is something which we always fantasize of. But it really comes down to whether how much money you can afford for paying on the villas. As these villas are quite expensive, this might increase the expenditure ratio over the pockets of the travelers. Maldives no doubt offers varied opportunities for exploring and increasing an experience over the list of your trip. Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting it!!

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Hawaii

Snorkeling and scuba diving in hawaiiThere are plethora of adorable places and things to explore. Starting from its historical places to its cultural spots, from its waterfalls to astonishing beaches, from its eye pleasing sunset to its lovely hula dance all is just wonderful. As we all know Hawaii is an island and it is incomplete without its water activities and water sports. Hawaii offers splendid water sports and activities for you so that you can experience immortal joy. Its underwater world is such a wonder to feel. It takes you to another world away from all your stress and tensions. Scuba diving and snorkeling are most fantastic things to do in Hawaii. Here are few of the places where you can enjoy these sports.

  • Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii’s big island

Kealakekua Bay is located at a distance of 40 minutes in the south of Kailua-Kona in Kona. It is a very historic bay and a significant spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. The blue rich waters are calm and full of active marine life. This bay is shielded by cliffs. You can also enjoy a boat ride and can also take pleasure of kayaking. You can take a look at the memorial of Captain James cook. He was the one who discovered Hawaii Island in the year of 1778.

  • Honaunau Bay, Hawaii’s big island

It is located in south Kona which is covered by the mountainous Maunaloa. The water is clear and calm and gives peace to our eyes. Watch out this eternal beauty at Honaunau bay which is also known as two steps. It is named two steps because of a volcanic rock which is spotted on the shoreline. This rock is clearly worn away into convenient two steps and has become the entry point for divers and snorkelers. You can see plenty of green sea turtles known as Honu and fishes in the crystal clear waters of Honaunau.

  • Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Situated at the southeastern tip of Oahu, hanauma bay is considered to be the most special and popular spot for snorkeling in Oahu. It is easily and a good spot to enjoy with friends and family both. The warm and splendid water is enriched with cute and colorful fish and reefs. It is extremely important for the visitors to help in preserving and keeping up with the fragile ecosystem by restricting the impact on environment as this is the first marine life conservation district of Hawaii. These parks are kept closed on Tuesdays.

  • Molokini, Maui

Molokini is located in the south Maui coast. It is a island which is small and crescent shaped island. The water of molokini presents colorful reefs which is just perfect for the snorkeling and scuba diving. Molokini is such a place which is only accessible by the boat tours.  These tours are available from the close Maalaea harbor, Lahaina and Kihei.



Top 5 Romantic Beaches

Romantic BeachesBeaches are the true essence of going on a holiday. Speaking of beaches the top 5 romantic beaches in the world would be:

Maldives: this beach lies south west of Sri Lanka and straddles the equator. If your idea of a dream romantic beach holiday would be relaxing in the beautiful rooms of a 4 star hotel or diving 85 ft underwater to among the tropical fishes and other creatures then both these can come true over here. Consisting of 1102 islands this archipelago is beautiful.

The Hamptons, New York: This beaches in Southampton Long Island is one which boasts of air kissing and much more. The serenity and border to the Atlantic, the beautiful sunsets and the loads of places of rejuvenation give this beach to be an ideal romantic spot too.

Hawaiian beaches: rated number one by some of the travel agencies this beach has its name for the serene scenery, tropical allure and the overall ambience. Hawaiian beaches are renowned all over the world. There are many Hawaiian Beach Rentals to choose from to make sure you find the perfect place for your vacation.
The beaches and the people are so amazing you wouldn’t want to get out of this place. A perfect destination for a romantic holiday or a honeymoon this beach has enough to surprise you.

Langkawi, Malaysia: having a historic record for pirate refugees this beach has a lot of other things to look out for. For an adventure looking romantic couple it is a full package or adventure and romance. If you want a romantic holiday away from the usual crowd and hustle bustle of people with beach and forest and beautiful places to stay or where you can just plunge into the water anytime this would be an ideal place.

Florida beaches: these beaches are characterized by unique some things which only they can offer and a home to romance and a warm stay.

Some beaches you must travel to

beach travelWho would not want to travel to beaches and bask under the sun for as long as they want to or they can afford to? Beach holidays are a way of really relaxing and feeling alive after the whole months or years work depending from person to person. Some beaches which are worth the travel are mentioned below with their ‘look-out-for’ things and places.

To start with is Goa, India. Goa’s beaches are divided into north and south Goa. The north side being more commercial and touristy it is a pleasure to the eye to see the scenic beauty of this place. Apart from only the beach there is innumerable wildlife to look out for in the various national parks and sanctuaries in and around the area. Museums and forts are present too to make sure that you have no time to be bored in the place.

Moving on we go to Bali, Indonesia, an island rich in its culture, traditions and heritage. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations known for its popular beaches, wildlife content and scenery at its best. The beaches offer the very best boating and surfing experience underwater diving and swimming experience.
The amazing city of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico is another irresistible destination spot for travellers who have a soft space for beaches. Apart from the beauty filled beaches where private beaches are also available there are other archaeological sites, ancient temples, pyramids and colourful murals too which can be visited.

Situated in Central America is the Latin American country of Costa Rica with a lot of sunshine and beachy mornings to wake to. Apart from simply relaxing at the beach there is looking at active volcanoes, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Bali Assures An Unforgettable Beach Holiday

Bali island, island destinationBali is an island in Indonesia which is famous for its rich culture and heritage. It is a captivating province with the mind-boggling beaches, wildlife and scenery. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.

If you ever plan to visit this island do stop by the beaches. The beaches offer remarkable swimming, underwater diving, surfing and boating experience. Most of the villages and hotels look after the beaches and keep them clean.

The best time to visit these beaches in Bali is in the months of April-October which is the dry season. During these months the beaches are calm and clean due to the lack of offshore winds. Bali along with its mesmerizing beaches is a paradise for those who love to travel.

The beaches of Bali like Mengiat beach, Geger beach etc have such a serene and sublime influence on you that you are transported into a new world all together.

Best 3 beaches in Samal Island

Samal Island, beach destinationThe Island of the Garden Cities or the Samal Island is famous for their exotic white sand beaches and clear blue seas. The weather is always warm and welcoming here and if you are planning for a romantic getaway, far from the maddening crowds of the cities then you can visit some of the most famous beaches in this area. The paradise beach and resort is one place you shouldn’t miss. There are many food joints, spas and beach bars in this area which makes your stay a wonderful experience altogether.

Another beach, called the Maxima Aquafun is closer to the main city. There are many water sports and activities held here in which even children can take part. Trained professionals and medical health professionals are always present on the premises and so it’s safe for the entire family. Finally, one of the most famous beaches here is the Blue Jazz Beach Resort and Water Park. Experience the fun rides and atmosphere of a water park right at each with good food and great music to accompany you.

Highlights of North Island New Zealand


Whether you’re looking to go trekking, sailing and kayaking or to take in the peace and serenity of beautiful natural panoramas, New Zealand is the perfect holiday destination. Although every visitor to New Zealand should consider visiting both the North and the South Islands, here are some of the highlights from the North Island.

One of the most fascinating features of the North Island is the significant geothermal activity. The intense geothermal activity raging underneath the city of Rotorua, for example, makes it an interesting place to visit. In Rotorua, visitors can take a scenic helicopter ride to view the steaming geysers and the crater of nearby MtTaraweras from above or simply enjoy bathing in the natural hot springs.


RotoruaSulphur Pool, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach is another unique natural attraction created by geothermal activity. At Hot Water Beach, the water heated by volcanic activity rises to the surface of the water just off the shoreline. Unlike other hot springs in the area, the heated water is just offshore thereby creating a hot spring that is also a beach.

Tongariro National Park, both the oldest national park in New Zealand and a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site, is also home to significant geothermal activity. The southern end of the park is dominated by three active volcanoes, Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehu. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a trekking route that will take you past many features of volcanic activity including the crater of an active volcano, steam vents and flowing lava.



Tongariro National Park, New ZealandLake Taupo is another highlight of the North Island. It is an ideal location to launch a sea-kayaking expedition. Make sure to paddle out to Whakamoega Point to see the Maori stone carvings that cannot be seen from land. The towering cliffs of Waikarariki Point are also well worth seeing. The clear waters, white sand beaches and views of the three volcanoes in Tongario National Park make Lake Taupo an exceptionally beautiful natural attraction.

Bay of Islands is a scenic area near the northern tip of the North Island. The extensive white sand beaches, big-game fishing and facilities for sailing have earned it a reputation as a holiday destination. Visitors can take a boat trip around the bay to begin to discover the 144 islands that make up the bay, go on a dolphin-watching cruise or go trekking in the native Kauri forest nearby.


Salt Air Scenic Flights - Bay of Islands, New ZealandEven though the North Island has significantly more public transportation than the South Island, being able to control your own transportation will add to your enjoyment as you explore this fascinating island. Campervan hire is the ideal solution to both your transportation and lodging needs. Explore the island at your own pace without worrying about hotel reservations and bus schedules. The freedom provided by a campervan will allow you to stop and enjoy a beautiful panorama when you spot one from the road or spend extra time at a site you’re particularly enjoying.


Costa Rica: Sunshine and more

A little bit of beach and a lot of sunshine. That’s Costa Rica for you. Situated in Central America, this Latin American country is included in the 22 older democracies of the world. Costa Rica means Rich cost and this country is really rich culturally and is very beautiful. There are so many things to do in this small country that one needs to have enough time in hand to explore this country entirely. People speak Spanish, so it will be best if you learn a bit of the language but English is spoken and understood as well. Visiting active volcanoes, snorkeling and scuba diving or simply relaxing on the beach and acquiring a natural tan, the things to do are endless and very enjoyable indeed. There are many historical places to visit and you can enjoy spicy Spanish cuisine at the fine restaurants and make your stay at Costa Rica truly remarkable.

Tourist Attractions of Balearic Islands in Spain

The land of Europe has been, for ages, been a center of major historical activities. However, today, with the advancement of human civilization, every corner of Europe has established its own league of unique features – some for the technology, some for the tourist destinations, and so on. Spain is one such amazing country, filled up to the brim with a rich history, warm culture and hundreds of tourist hot spots for one and all. Also, being surrounded by two famous water bodies viz. the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it also has a couple of amazing group of islands, including the Balearic Islands.

The archipelago consists of four major islands, and has a population speaking majorly Catalan or Spanish. The islands have a legendary history dating back to the Trojan War and the Roman times. Apart from the natural treasures, the imprints of these historical events are also well preserved in the Balearic Islands.