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Cruise holidays can be affordable

Cruise holiday, travel tipsCruise holidays are a distant dream for many given its high fares. However not to worry as there are some very smart tips that can get you your dream cruise vacation without burning a hole in your pocket.

The first tip is to book early. The cruise lines will usually provide good discounts on early reservations. On the other hand eleventh hour booking can also find you some very affordable deals. Actually, if a cruise is having many of its seats empty even at the last hour, it will release highly rebated deals for a quick booking.

Another important tip is to book your cruise package in the off seasons like post holidays. People hardly go for vacations post holidays and hence it’s the slow time for the travel cruises. Thus, the cruise lines will generally unleash seats at highly affordable rates to fill up vacant seats. You can also count on a good travel agency for your cruise package. The travel agencies generally enjoy some huge discounts from cruise lines which are not available for general public.

The Baltic Cruise to St Petersburg

A rejuvenating cruise can do wonderfully cure the ennui created by the routine hassles of work and living in the urban forests. The soothing breeze, inspiring waves, serene music and authentic sea food cuisine – it feels like time has paused for good! Well, if you are one of such peace longing tourists, the Baltic Cruise is the best vacation escapade for you. Not only does your ship take you through the thrilling Baltic waters, but you will also be able to visit the great city of Petersburg. Once a capital of Russia, the city now is the second largest in the country.

Petersburg has an astounding collection of architectural elements like the Saviour of Blood Church, the location where Rasputin had been killed, prison built for Swedish captives and so on. Though the cultural heritage remains the primary point of interest, the night life in the city, too, is quite happening.