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Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

Interesting Facts About Switzerland
Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

Switzerland is hell of a beautiful place and it most probably known for the lush green and beautiful mountains, the delicious cheese and some really amazing and happy people. However the glossy and good looking brochure does not depict the entire story.  Apart from the mountain, cheese and this all happy people, there is lot to see and know about Switzerland. This can make you fall in love with Switzerland even more. Whenever any of your family members are planning trip to Switzerland, you can flaunt your knowledge at the dinner table about this wonderful place and impress your elders. Well this is not the only objective to know about Switzerland, this place has such exclusive secrets to reveal that you won’t be able to stop yourself from visiting this amazing place. Check out these amazing facts about Switzerland and go on sharing it with anyone who is fond about this place.

  • The first and foremost fact about Switzerland is that it is among the only two countries which are having its national flag in square shape. The swill flag is of the red color having square shape along with a white cross in the center exactly. Apart from swill flag, Vatican has the flag of square shape.
  • Another weird but amazing facts about v is that the coffee of Zurich is considered as the most expensive one on the entire world. Hence if you are visiting Switzerland then make sure to grab a coffee and check what’s so good about that coffee to be the most expensive one in the entire world. The cost of the coffee of this place would be around 3.65 US dollars. Switzerland is also the place which has the origin of the instant coffee. Nescafe was also created in Switzerland in the year 1938.
  • Another fascinating facts about Switzerland is in favor of the citizen of this p[lace and I am sure after knowing this fact, you would envy the privilege received by the citizens of Switzerland. The citizens of Switzerland can challenge any law passed by the government. The provision in that place is that the public have to collect total 50,000 signatures within the time period of 100 days against any law after the law has been passed. If this process goes successful then a national voting is held and the voters are given the opportunity to decide by general majority whether to accept the law or to reject the law.
  • The next facts about Switzerland will definitely blow your mind off and you will think is it even possible to pass such a law. In Switzerland there is a rule that you cannot have a single pet, if you want to keep a pet then you have to keep it two of them. That means you need to have two pigs, two fish, two dogs, two fish and any other animal but two. The law of Switzerland prohibits isolation of animals and it is considered as abuse.

Interesting Facts About California

Interesting Facts about california
Facts about california

California is a wonderful place to explore and there are several interesting facts to explore as well. The capital city of this place is sacramento. The largest city of this country is Los Angeles. The abbreviation California is CA. this place has a population of 39 million. The highest point of this place is Mount Whitney and while you are visiting California, you must take a sneak peak of this point. However with all those things that you have heard about California, there would still be some of the unknown facts which will catch your interest and make you feel like how come you are not aware of such an amazing fact about California. Well there are bunch of such interesting and amusing facts about California which will literally blow your mind. Let’s start with the name California.

  • California’s name

California is considered as the mythical island paradise. This paradise is inhabited just with the beautiful amazon warriors who were using weapons and gold tools and it used to be ruled by a queen named calafia. However this was just a setting for famous Spanish novel named las Sergas de Esplandian which was published in the July in the year 1510. In the earlier times, the Spanish explorers used to believe that the California which is there in the present day is an island and it was actually ruled amazon queen and hence they named the place California. Now I am sure you must not know this amazing fact about name of California.

  • State having biggest economy

California is officially the first state which became the trillion dollar economy that too n a gross state product. If California in spite of being a state would be a country then it would be considered as the sixth largest economy in the entire world. In the year 2015, California was the one which even surpassed France and it became sixth largest economy in the entire world.

  • Discovery of California

The cost of the present state of California was discovered by a European. The chief pilot of Ferrelo was the first European to explore this place. This person was basically sailing for Spain and he left on June 1542 from the Navidad which is on the west coast of Mexico and proceeded towards north. In September, he actually reached the San Diego bay and became the first European to set his foot on what it now called as the state of California.

  • Evolution of McDonalds

California is considered as the birth place of McDonalds. Now this is really what you don’t know. You might have visited McDonalds for plenty of times but you might have not known that California is the birth place of this famous chain. This is considered as the world’s largest chain of burgers. This was actually opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the year 1940 in San Bernardino in California and it kept on progressing there on.

Best Places To Visit In Venice

water side destination venice
Places to visit in venice

When a city like Venice which is filled with plenty of tourist attraction, it is bit difficult to decide where to begin the exploration with. The best way to explore the places to visit in Venice is to get lost and enchant the little streets of Venice.  No matter where the streets will take you but you will end up seeing something beautiful. Venice is a city built on the cost of northeastern Italy on 118 islands. Venice is a city of canals and it will look more like something which is out of the picture book. Places to visit in Venice will excel in all conditions and fulfill all your expectation in both peak and low season. This city is packed up with plenty of astounding architecture and art. If you are having any plans of places to visit in Venice then, here are some o0f the top tourist attraction you must see in Venice.

  • Bridge of sighs

This one of the top places to visit in Venice and it was built in the year 1600. This bridge is the connection between new prisons which is across the Rio di Palazzo and the interrogation room in the Doge’s palace. This place was designed by Antonio Contino whose uncle designed the famous Rialto Bridge. The name bridge of sighs has a theory behind it. This name was kept keeping in mind that the prisoners would give a sigh while going to the prison when they are getting the last view of the beautiful Venice through a small window when they are taken by the executioner. Actually during the days of execution, the construction of this bridge was completed and the cells which are there under the roof of the palace were occupied by the small criminals.

  • San Giorgio Maggiore

This is one the best places to visit in Venice. It is actually a small island which is situated across the lagoon from the St Mark’s square. This place is designed by a very famous and renowned architect Andrea Palladio. This church is featuring a façade clad in the pure white marbles and airy and open interior which is very refreshing. The main attraction of here is the two epic paintings named “The fall of Manna” and “Last Supper”. This is one of the popular churches and goes to the top of the church through an elevator and has a look of the neoclassic bell tower for enjoying a beautiful view of splendid Venice.

  • Ca D Oro

This place is originally recognized as palazzo Santa Sofia in today’s time it is commonly known as Ca D Oro. This façade has an astounding structure which now doesn’t have the ornamentation which this place has earned in the past.  This place has nick name of house of gold and the pink and white building is now considered as the treasure trove of art. This place is located on the Grand Canal and is home to Museo Franchetti.


Things to do in Havana

Two Old cars standing on the streets of Havana
Old cars standing on the streets

We might have not heard the name of Havana so frequently in earlier times, but after being shut off from the parts of the world, Havana now offers a mystery top the tourist who are attracted and tempted for visiting Havana. Well, we can say Havana and history go hand in hand. Tourists have started counting on the numbers of the streets in Havana as the trend of this destination is increasing day by day. We’ve all heard the tale about what there is to discover and explore in the capital of Cuba, but wait a minute! If you still got to the place, you’ll probably get the essence of old Havana and the remains of old history that you’re searching. Better than, there are many things to do in Havana apart from exploring its history and the remains. Here is the list of things to do in Havana that you should not miss at all while visiting the beautiful destination ahead!

Havana – Things to do:

Walk by the sides of Malecon:

You might have surely noticed that Havana is on the sea. And for enjoying the best sea feeling, Malecon is the best place in Havana that will surely increase your interest in exploring more of the capital. It’s basically a sea wall that runs the length of the city. It is in total 8 to 9 kilometers long. You can take as much as you want for exploring the nightlife of the arena that will surely feed you up with energy, walk by the La Rampa or simply enjoy in the Vedado neighborhood.

The wall was constructed say for before 50 top 60 years, so you can get the chance of seeing and exploring the city’s transformation throughout this many years.

How can you forget the old car ride?

Well, folks it’s Cuba. My friends if you’re coming to Cuba and not taking the ride of the old car, nah!! It’s probably the thing that you’ve mistaken about. Well, the history states that one of the reasons that Cuba was unable to import new cars was due to some government debate. Cuba was unable to import new cars and hence the trend of old and colorful cars are still prevailing in Cuba. Rent up a car and travel back into the time for enjoying the feel of how people use to drive the vintage car on the streets of Cuba.

A tour to the cigar factory:

Do you want to taste the legendary cigars? Well you have come to the perfect place I guess. Havana is well-known for its cigar factory all over the world. Even, if you don’t smoke, you can enjoy the process of preparing cigars. The way they make it, roll it and finally sell it in the market. The cigar factories are opened for everyone out there. Well, you can call cigars as among the major items that is connecting people and tourist from other countries to it. The cigars manufactured in the factory sore are comparatively more expensive than those in the local streets.

Best Places to Visit in Hawaii

Hawaii - Evening view
Scenic view of Hawaii

Are you planning of visiting a trip to Hawaii? But not sure from where to start? Whenever you travel around the Hawaiian Islands, you would encounter with beautiful friendly faces, gorgeous beaches and many of ono grinds that might increase the curiosity of your taste buds. But, But, But!! Each and every island of Hawaii has its unique flavors and beauty that you should not miss at all while visiting Hawaii. There are varied options of choices with the travelers to explore. In fact many of different places to visit in Hawaii that might increase your experiencing list. Hawaiian traditions offer something unique appearance that would definitely mesmerize your trip to certainly a beautiful level.

Places to visit in Hawaii:


Let’s start by visiting the beautiful Waikiki beach situated in Hawaii. It offers a beautiful stretched ocean front of beach. Waikiki is calculated amongst the biggest attractions of Hawaii. You can easily reach this place and enjoy different luxurious amenities that are worth for your trip. You can enjoy the essence of modern city while you’re visiting Waikiki.

Still want to explore something unique? At the end of the crescent patterned beach, there comes an extinct volcano namely, the Diamond Head Crater that offers with a spectacular yet beautiful backdrop to the beautiful sun drenched beach in Waikiki.

Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial:

The ancient and the remains of the respected people are still preserved in the best way in Hawaii. It’s advisable to visit the Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial which is preserved for those who perished with the sinking of the USS Arizona. You’ll find the remains of the ship that got sink in the memorial.

Even, there are certain parts that you can observe protruding over the sea area. Explore yourself to one of the best place to visit in Hawaii. From the visitors center you can get to know the historical information about the events on the harbor and the Japanese attack too. Even, grab a look over the battleship USS Missouri. It is displayed in the memorial and the travelers can simply walk over the deck of the ship for seeing and observing the remains more deeply.

Hana Road:

In need of seeing something unique and beautiful that might improve up your travel experiencing list? Hana road is the perfect choice to explore for. The dramatic Hana Road situated on Maui it simply a gorgeous scenic stretch of highway. It covers the distance from Pa’ai, running through the lush green forests, along with the scenic view of ocean to the Hana town.

Travelers fond of having along routed trips, Hana Road is the perfect selection of spot you can enjoy for. This trip is worthwhile both for seeing the beautiful town of Hana and also the stunning drive through that you cannot afford to miss at all. But Hana’s location actually cut off from rest of the islands in Hawaii. You can simply enjoy the Hawaiian tradition and culture which is still preserved by the people of Hana.

Must Visit Destinations From Hollywood Movies

There are many destinations which were not so popular but after filming them in Hollywood movies, they become very much popular and people started visiting it. Magnificent waterfalls, Snow covered mountains, Crystal clear waters, Lush green meadows; all of us have watched some such movies which give us the feel of packing our stuff right away and go to the place where such movie was shooting.  There are many such destinations from Hollywood movies which are extremely beautiful and must be visited once in your lifetime. If you are also fond to visit destinations from Hollywood movies and confused as to which place to visit, then here is a list of destination from Hollywood movies worth visiting and having great experience out of it.

  • New Zealand- Lord of the rings

lord of rings in new zealand
Shooting of lord of rings in new zealand

A dream like location known as middle earth was captured in the very famous and popular movie lord of the rings. It is a must visit destinations from Hollywood movies which is clearly visible in the movie itself. It captured some of the far flung places and untouched areas of the New Zealand which was just immensely beautiful. The splendid and the lush green landscape supported perfectly to bring the plain land to life and make it look fictional. This spot has now become very popular as the home of the middle earth s it has the exceptional beauty of north and south islands of this must visit destinations from Hollywood movies covering up the places across wellington, Matamata, Waikato, nelson and Canterbury.

  • Scotland and UK- Harry potter

Shooting of harry potter in england
capturing Scotland in harry potter

Making a 7 part book to a real life and that too with this much perfection is not an easy task at all. You must have watched this movie and wished that you would be at such places. It is one those destinations from Hollywood movies which every individual have thought of visiting once. Staying loyal with each and every location of the book was difficult but nooks and corners of moors, lands, castles and manors of England was really a perfect fit to makeup the Gringott’s bank, platform no 93/4, leaky cauldron and such other things. This movie also covered some parts of Scotland and oxford and Durham to portray some of the scenes of Hogwarts express passing through the misty countries and such other scenes. Hence seeing harry potter will definitely make England and Scotland ne those destinations from Hollywood movies to visit.

  • Paris- Midnight in Paris

Midnight in paris
capturing paris in midnight in paris

Paris is any ways all-time favorite place to explore. But after these movies, it is in the top list of those destinations from Hollywood movies which must be visited. This movie portray a dreamy world wherein a screenwriter was taken aback by the charm and magic of this place which makes him realize and solve out all the differences with his fiancé and make his love story more memorable. Here the character leaves his present and have a time travel and goes back to the alluring love of Paris. It has captured such beautiful scenes that anyone who has not seen this place would definitely want to visit this destinations from Hollywood movies.

Here are some of the famous destinations with number of movies filmed in there.

Movies in destinations

Name of destination Number of movies
Louisiana 18
california 15
Canada 15
UK 12
Georgia 9
New york 4
New Zealand 2
North carolina 4


Places To Visit In Thailand

Thailand is such a huge place that you would probably need months to explore it deeply and keenly. But of course everyone is short of time these days and exploring whole Thailand is not possible but there is list places to visit in Thailand. There are truly immensely beautiful places to visit in Thailand which will mesmerize you and make your trip thoroughly memorable. Starting from city life to great shopping spots, from lush green jungles to gigantic waterfalls, from romantic beaches to exclusive resorts, there are wide range of activities and various places to visit in Thailand. If you don’t have the luxury of too much time, then here is the list of top places to visit in Thailand which you must not leave while having a trip to Thailand.

  • Bangkok

BangkokA cosmopolitan city and capital of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most desired places to visit in Thailand. Bangkok offers a great, vibrant and exciting nightlife along with plethora of cultures to keep you amused and entertained throughout the day. Most visited and popular places to visit in Bangkok are Wat Prakeaw and Grand Palace. These places were built   by order of the king in the year 1782. Floating market or Damnoen Saduak are some of the other interesting attraction in Bangkok. But on a whole Bangkok is one of the places to visit in Thailand which must not be left out. You can take a boat tour through narrow canals where there are many sellers of fruits and vegetables and you can buy them through your boat only. It is a nice way to explore Bangkok.

  • Phuket

PhuketPhuket is one of the most popular beach town and one of the best places to visit in Thailand. Phang Nga Bay has few of the best beaches across the globe which you must visit while exploring Thailand. This area is also renowned as James Bond Island as the famous movie “The man with the Golden Gun” was filmed. Phuket is considered as one of the notorious places to visit in Thailand because of it’s over the top and wild night life. It is very much famous for bars, alcohol, cabaret shows and loud music.

  • Pattaya

PattayaPattaya has attained the reputation of the seedy town over some of the past years but if you distance yourself from the bar area then there are plethora to things to see and do. The beaches of pattaya are not as attractive when compared to those of the south but still they deserve a visit while you are exploring Thailand. There are some of the distinctive attractions such as bottle art museum and also the floating market of pattaya is by far the largest floating market in the whole world. Pattya is one of the most popular land marks in Thailand. Thus there are many exciting and astonishing places to visit in Thailand and these are the shortlisted one which you must not leave while exploring Thailand.

Ultimate Things to do in New York City

With the name of New York City one kind of energy that releases in our body that makes us more relevant of visiting it right? It is considered to be one of the most live cities of USA which you can go for. I am definitely going to say this that it is going to increase up your interest and you are going to enjoy to the utmost of your trip because there are many things to do in New York City which will help you in exploring more and more. As you are going to visit one of the most live and enthusiastic city of the world, than mark my words that don’t forget to grab your cameras for capturing the beautiful moments of your trip.

This article will help you in knowing about the ultimate things to do in New York City which will help you while you are going for visiting it. There are many things to do in New York City which you can go for when you are planning for visiting USA like you can go for visiting the central park, how can we forget the Times Square which is worldwide famous everywhere, etc. and many more of the things to do in New York City which you can go for at the time of experiencing your travelling trip with your family or your loved ones.

Ultimate things to do in New York City, USA

  • Times Square

Times SquareOne of the most brilliant places in New York City which you can go for or can consider to be amongst the list of the things to do in New York City. Enjoy the flashing lights, dancers and actors showing their pace on the streets, getting acknowledged with the most popular brands of the world, and mesmerize with the crowd of New York. I know it sounds way more exciting and trust me you are going to love the same as well. Also getting the taste of big billboards and the digital life is considered to be something very different.

  • Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn BridgeAnother important thing to do in New York City which you cannot forget to miss for is the Brooklyn Bridge which is being considered to be a recognized yet the most beautiful bridges amongst all. It has maintained its fragrance of being historical which is being still tastes by way more numbers of people. It is the bridge which is connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. Getting the most exciting views from it with cycling and getting along walk over it is considered to be something which you must defiantly go for.

  • Statue of Liberty

Statue of LibertyOne of the most fascinating things to do in New York City which you can go for is visiting the Statue of Liberty. It is considered to be the recognition of USA which is having all its features revealing the bets of the country. Well, it can be considered as one of the most glimpsed and visited spot of the traveller who are visiting New York City, USA. Not only are these but there many more the things to do in New York City which you can go for at the time of travelling for.


Things To Do In San Diego

travel San DiegoSan Diego is the perfect holiday getaway whether you travel alone or with your friends or family. It is located in southern California. The weather here is favorable and soothing all around the year. There are theme parks. Beautiful beaches, museums and countless more places that you can visit. As many number of sightseeing available, there are innumerous eateries too. The water parks of this place are something you would not like to miss. They give you experiences that no one can forget. There are many shows too that feature all the sea creatures and their world which can take all day long to enjoy.

• The beautiful sea world: Apart from the beautiful creatures of the sea there is a large play area. This area includes theme parks that can entertain both small and big. They also offer exclusive tour offers. These exclusive park experiences include programs such as interacting with the penguins, the penguin experience tour, animal spotlight tour and for that matter many more of them.

• San Diego is also a host to a lot of animals and so its zoo is also a hot spot for tourists. It has nine different animal zones. There are more than 4000 animals and birds. A variety of species, over 800 of them are present. It is considered to be one of the world’s largest zoos. There are guides available so that you do not get lost. They will guide to visit the entire zoo by foot so that you can enjoy the beauty of this place. You cannot afford to miss this place during your visit to San Diego.

• The theme parks are famous and fun for little kids of all age group. The Lego Land theme park in particular is on top of the list. You could play and build with the Lego’s or simply take a nice ride in the park on the Lego bus. There is also a race track and Volvo driving school in the park. The kids can practice and learn how to drive here. They can even get their driver’s license after driving on the Lego land. It is a great place with family and to spend time with your most loved ones.

• San Diego boasts some of the most famous and extravagant beaches in southern California. The Mission Beach, Cardiff, Carlsbad Beach are some of the most beautiful beaches around the place. Most of the local beaches have roller blades, strollers, bicycles, sailboats, surf boats available on rental. The beaches also attract the kids for the water and sandcastle building while the bigger ones can enjoy sunbathing and the beauty.

• There are some hotels that provide with great accommodation and exquisite dining. San Diego also has sights of admiring the craftsmanship of buildings. They are not only educational but also inspiring. The night life in San Diego is one of the most diverse. It entertains one of the hippest and classy crowd around. If you want to dance away the night, or spend it with just some cocktails, or socializing, San Diego has a room for all.

Spending A Memorable Holiday In Doha

Holiday In DohaOne of the most flourishing holiday destinations in Qatar is its capital city- Doha. The mesmerizing historical emblems, interesting museums, remarkable monuments, enchanting cultural attractions and the thrilling sporting activities are what make Doha the preferred holiday destination for the people belonging to the different parts of the world. The government of Doha has been making tremendous efforts to make the city more and more comfortable and enjoyable for the hundreds of tourists that visit Doha every year.

Doha is surely a paradise for those of you who are in love with history and architecture. The entire landscape of Doha is marked by beautiful towers and forts which reflect the rich heritage of the city. You should make it a point to stop by the Doha Fort and Al Zubara Fort and Museum if you truly want to witness the history and culture of Qatar.
You can even indulge in shopping and enjoy yourself to the fullest. In case you want to get hold of something cheap yet beautiful then you must visit Souk Waqif and Gold Souk. Luxurious malls such as Landmark Mall, Doha City Center, Villagio Mall, Exclusive Boutique (Pearl Doha) are also situated in Doha which can be visited by you as and when required.

Your trip to the city would be incomplete if you do not undertake a cruising trip on Dhow which is the traditional boat of Doha. Thus ensure that you do go for ride in the Dhow. You can even undertake a desert safari while you are visiting Doha and take in the beauty of the sand dunes and the clear blue sky.
Al Maha Sanctuary is a place that should be visited by you to behold the sight of the Arabian Oryx which is an endangered deer species. Nightlife in Doha is quite impressive but conservative to a certain extent.