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Take a trip down to Waitomo Glowworm Cave

Waitomo Glowworm Cave, travel New ZealandPlanning to visit New Zealand this vacation with your family or friends? Well, then one place that you can never afford not to visit is the fabulous Waitomo Gloworm Cave. If you have fetish for Nature, then a trip to these caves will take you really close to the mystic beauty of Nature. The caves will overwhelm you with its wildlife and greenery ensuring you get to see the amazing beauty of New Zealand.

You will be fascinated at every point you stop on a trip to the three caves. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are the natural wonders and the breathtaking unique beauty will cast a spell on you. The vision of the beautiful limestone caves been light up by numerous petite creatures will surely spellbind you. You can go for water rafting or take a boat to visit the caves. Water rafting is more adventurous as you will get a chance to float through the caves all along the river.

Three must visit places of 2013

London travelNew Year means people plan out resolutions for themselves. Many of you all must have made a resolution to travel to places you have never visited. If you are planning to go for a vacation somewhere here is a list of the three must visit places of 2013:

  • London: This city is home to Big Ben and is one of the most visited cities in England You should visit this city if you want to witness the birth of the royal baby of Prince William and want to enjoy the lovely weather and boutiques of London.
  • Yangon: /The President of Myanmar has brought positive developments encouraging travel and tourism in this beautiful city of Yangon. It is truly going to be the most visited city this year.
  • Istanbul: The cultural heritages, the hustle bustle of Grand Bazaar, the magnificant Hagia Sophia are some of the reasons you should visit this superb city of Turkey.

Top 3 romantic destinations South Africa offers

romantic destinations, travel South Africa South Africa offers some great destinations for its local and international tourists. For honeymooners, this country offers some great destinations. South Africa has some locations such as the great African jungles, wonderful coastlines and busy cities to enjoy. To Stay, these locations have some wonderful resorts as well.

Here are the top 3 romantic destinations in South Africa:

1. The west coast of South Africa provides a romantic place called Kagga Kamma, it’s a private game reserve. It hosts some of great scenic locations and wonderful rock formations.
2. Eco friendly tree houses in the Knysna forest provides the tourists a wonderful stay inside a pristine forest. The Teniqua tree houses give you a great view of the forest from the top.
3. Kosi bay, it has one of the peaceful and tranquil beaches. These beaches are near the mouth of the river Kosi. Locally this beach is termed as an aquarium, due to the presence of various species of fish.

Discovering the Kerala Backwaters

 Kerala Backwaters , South IndiaIndia is one place which has a diverse culture, landscape and heritage. Whenever a person travels to India, he or she says that it feels like they have been to more than one country. The diversity and colorful traditions and culture of India is what makes it so special Kerala in south India is one of the greenest and most beautiful parts of India.

If you happen to travel to Kerala then do visit Cochin/Kochi, to take a trip down the Kerala Backwaters. This is basically a boat trip which takes about half a day to be completed. The contemporary style trip along the calm and cool backwater lakes of Kerala, parallel to the beaches in the midst of a thousand coconut trees is a blissfully enchanting trip which you’ll never forget in your life. Travel guides and tourist groups are available for this tip and you can also stop for lunch in between at shore. The Kerala backwater tours are like travelling in god’s own land of greenery, color and serenity.

Sweet home Alabama: the delights this state offers

Travel Alabama, USAAlabama is the 13th largest state in the USA. The state has a predominant humid subtropical weather. An estimated 20 million tourists visit the state every year. The state of Alabama has some places of interest to offer for the tourists. Here are some of the delightful places…

• Huntsville’s U.S space and rocket center, a part of NASA, the museum exhibits the past and future space expeditions.

• Birmingham zoo, more than 250 species of animals can be found here. This is one of the most visited places in Alabama.

• USS Alabama, a veteran battleship from the World War II era. It’s a must visit for the tourists.

• Barber Motorsports Park is one of the popular attractions in the state. Famous among the motor racing enthusiast. It also houses a museum with world’s best motorcycles.

• Point Mallard Park, this place provides a popular water park, golf course and a camp ground.

Come to Portland, the Hidden Treasure of the American Northwest!

short term holiday loansMany destinations in the United States are obvious: New York, San Francisco, Florida. But have you considered the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, when making your travel plans? Cut back from the glitz and glitter and find a truly lovely American city in the heart of the Northwest, the most progressive part of the country. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, gorgeous snow-peaked Mount Hood looms overhead and the city’s streets are lined with evergreens. Seen from above, Portland looks less like a city and more like a sustainable forest village.

But a city Portland is! Home to fine museums, symphonies and fine dining. You can visit this great city and still save money by staying at places like the International Guest House in northwest Portland, a little touch of Europe so many thousand miles away. At the guest house, you will receive breakfast as well as a clean room and be able to get on with the charming host. From there it’s just walking distance to shopping on 23rd Street or the taverns and restaurants on 21st Street. Hop on the MAX light rail and you’ll be in lovely downtown Portland, whose Pioneer Square is lined with art deco and limestone buildings.

Portland is also a great launching point for the Pacific Ocean and the mountains nearby. Enjoy Bagby Hot Springs, and save more money by staying at the Seaside Hostel. Dorms or private rooms in this intimate space allow you to enjoy the misty and mystical Oregon Coast without breaking the bank. Rent a car or better yet take a convenient bus or ride a bicycle. All these options are within reach for the frugal traveler. Pack some bagels and get some fruit at farmers markets and you’ll be ready to have a good time!

English wine week in Devon: what to expect?

Travel Devon, travel tipsThe English wine week is one of the most popular celebrations in Devon. These events are organized by the various wine producers of England. This is a marketing strategy of these producers to make promotion of the wines they have produced. These celebrations are marked with exciting activities that make the celebrations a success. These celebrations have sessions of wine tasting and the traditional walks along the wine yards.

These days, these celebrations have become even more attractive with performances of belly dancers during the festive weeks. The sparkling celebrations are the most popular ones. The fans of the still wines should not feel depraved as there would be abundance of still wines as well. The red wines come in many varieties like Rondo, Regent and the very famous Triomphe d’Alasce. The celebrations may also have painting exhibitions. These festivals are great way of socializing with plenty of “social lubricants” all around.

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Best in Germany

Travel Germany, EuropeOne of the best places to spend a great vacation is Germany. There are many destinations to explore and experience here in Germany and you will need more than just a weekend to enjoy Germany at its best. First of all you should definitely visit Berlin. Historically, Berlin is a very well known place. The Berlin Wall, the Baroque Palaces and the Pergamon Museum are definitely worth a mention. After that, you should check out Munich.

Even after complete destruction in the world wars, this place still stands and has many historically famous spots to visit. You can also enjoy the legendary Oktoberfest here at Munich. Hamburg holds the largest docks in whole of Germany. Enjoy the lush beauty and grandeur of Germany at the Elbe River in Dresden. One more place which you should visit in Nuremberg. It is less talked or hyped about but its history dates back to the 11th Century. Nuremberg also is known for the famous Spielzeugmuseum or the Nuremberg Toy Museum.

Travel Delights In Brazil

Brazil is one of those very few places left in the world which have not totally been abused by human habitation. It is a great place to visit. The natural beauty, the culture and charm of this place will take your breath away. often it’s called the traveler‘s paradise because of the beautiful blend of lush green forests, high mountainous terrains and beach side bliss as well. There are many splendid memories to make while in Brazil. If you are an adventurous person, then you can discover several places here which are still untouched by humans.

It truly is a thrilling experience for all adrenaline junkies too. Some good places to visit while in Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Fortaleza, Salvador, São Paulo, Florianopolis, The most popular tourist destination is Rio de Janeiro which is at its natural best all around the year. There are also many great hotels and resorts here in Brazil. Altogether, your Brazilian trip will definitely be one of your most memorable holiday’s ever courtesy the warm melange of  culture, nature and adventure it offers.

Latin American Delights- During Summer

Latin American DelightsOne of the most interesting places to visit during the summers is Latin America. There are many places to visit and many things to do while in Latin America. Latin America is known for its natural beauty, ion the midst of busy and colorful lifestyles, cultures, exotic cuisines and its collections of unique flora and fauna. You’ll definitely have a very memorable vacation if you visit Latin America.

The Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the most popular places to visit in Latin America. You should consult a good tourist guide agency so that you can enjoy the Angel Falls in its true essence. In places like Peru you can visit the Machu Pichhu. Galapagos Archipelago and the Igaou Falls in Argentina are yet some other places to check out. Finally you should also not give the famous Lake Titicaca a miss as its one of the most beautiful places to see in Latin America.