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A Holiday in Portugal Full of Activities

Though rejuvenation and visits to the culturally (and historically) important destinations remain the prime motto of a vacation – there are many who see this opportunity to drown into a horde of adventure activities. Though the republic of Portugal has a vast historical background (Colonial war, Revolution of Carnation, etc.) and a treasure trove supplemented by Mother Nature (archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, Mount Pico, etc.) – it also has many activities to lure single tourists, couples, families and adventure seeking groups.

You can rent a bicycle and tour the ‘Costa da Prata’ region – the landscape is quite pleasing, adorned with the natural and rural elements. You can also see the various orchards, vineyards, etc. depicting the agricultural jewels of Portugal. The Silver Coast is another popular escapade for the beach hungry tourists – the best part being the hospitable nature of the local inhabitants. You can also go on hiking as well as rambling tours.

Visit the Historical Sites in Cambodia

Asia (to be particular, the South Eastern zone) has some of the best travel gems to offer to the world. Located in the Indochinese Peninsula and surrounded by Vietnam, Thailand & Laos, the Kingdom of Cambodia is one such famous travel destination. Still a well reputed Constitutional Monarchy, the nation has shown appreciable growth since the last decade in its various domains like agriculture, textile, tourism and hence international trade. Cambodia has had a rich (though a part of which is looked up as dismal) history of more than 600 years, as many civilizations reigned over this seventy thousand square mile piece of land. You can still see the remnants of the historical inhabitants as well as the happenings.

You can visit the Angkor Wat, which happens to be the largest religious structure in the world. Another Buddhist relic is the famous Bayon temple. You should also visit the Ta Prohm temple.