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Historical Tourist Destinations To Visit

World is full of cute, terrific, mind blowing and fantastic places and destinations to visit. These destinations can be both natural and manmade but they are worth watching. There are plenty of historical tourist destinations to visit which are incredible and breathtaking and prepared by ancient civilization and preserved by modern civilization to have a glimpse of our past life. Sometimes it becomes difficult and confusing as to which historical tourist destinations to visit and which not. Think and consider all the historical tourist destination to visit and you will have your own take on them. It’s fun to read and listen about the historical tourist destinations to visit but its more fantastic to actually to go there and have glimpse of historical tourist destinations to visit. Here are some of the best historical tourist destinations to visit which will leave you totally amazed.

  • The pyramids at Giza

Pyramids of gizaThe pyramids of Giza are almost 3000 years old and still there is no ideas as how they were building or how were the Egyptians were able to make them so precise. Some people also have a doubt as to where there aliens involved in making them. The three pyramids are aligned to the stars and also with the solstices and they also contain tons of chambers which in today’s date also not opened. It’s really an interesting thing as to how they have created those chambers where the people can’t even crawl and go inside. The largest pyramid named as the great pyramid was built by Pharaoh Khufu and it has very limited access. The pyramids are one of those top tourists destinations to visit and are marvelous piece of human engineering which was totally appropriate for the kings.

  • Angkor wat

Angkor watThis is one of the most ancient cities of Cambodia and was the center of the Khmer Empire which rules the most of the Southeast Asia. This empire declined and fell but before that it has built many of the beautiful temples and extraordinary buildings which were later on reclaimed by the jungle for hundreds of years. Angkor Wat is most of the times filled with tourist and thus it is declared as one of the top historical tourist destinations to visit. It is truly a breath taking site to see. If you really want to experience the beauty of these beautiful temples then you need to go early in the morning when there are no crowded groups of tourists or you can go late.

  • The Alhambra

AlhambraThis is also one of the best historical tourist destinations to visit. It is Granada’s and Europe’s love letter to the culture of Moorish. Here you will find the rustling of leaves, tickling of cute fountains and mysterious lingering of ancient spirits. Alhambra is part palace; it is part fort, part world heritage site and part lesson in the medieval architecture. This is beautiful place with lots of gardens and buildings and even most historical tourist destinations to visit.

Top historical sites of Italy

If you are planning for a holiday and want your children to gain some historical knowledge then the option for you can be Italy. Italy is a place so rich in their art and culture that you will surely want to visit again. Though to get an idea about the historical places in Italy, a short article won’t help you. Various books have been published by many writers on the richness of culture Italy offers. To check out all the historical places of Italy within your holiday span would be a tough thing to do and for that several resorts should be booked near the respective spots beforehand. Some of the must visit historical places in Italy are,

Basilica di San Miniato al Monte: Florence in Italy is the place where you can get the actual essence of the history of Italy, but the church called Basilica di San miniato Monte is an equally beautiful place to visit. The construction was begun in the year of 1013 and was named after the Armenian prince called St. Miniato. You can get the detailed history about this prince and why this church has been built on the hill of Mount Fiorentinus.

Duomo di Milano: Another historic place in Italy which will surely throw an impression on you as soon as you look at it is the Duomo di Milano. This is one of the largest churches of the world and possesses a magnificent structure having a capacity of 40000. If you have only been to the local churches, you should have a look at the Duomo di Milano which can surprise you in the true sense of it.

The Vatican City: With only a population of 932 The Vatican City manages to remain the smallest independent country of the world. A large number of tourists including Catholic visit this country to get in touch with the Pope. The famous ceiling paintings of the Sistine Chapel and a good number of museums at The Vatican City hold a great historical value.

Best historic churches in London

historic churches, travel LondonLondon is known for its perfect blend of modern lifestyle and historic significant cultures as well. There are many well known historic churches in London which are open for tourists to visit all around the year. The All Hallows London Wall Church is a beautiful architectural structure which was built in the 16th century. The main attraction of this place is that a part of the London wall has been kept intact in the courtyard.

You should also visit the Brompton Oratory. It has a very Italian catholic influenced decor. This ancient building has over 400 pipes which are still in good condition till date. One place which you shouldn’t miss is the Kingsbury St Andrews old church. Its beautiful lively decor and vibrantly colored walls will mesmerize and surprise you in every way. It takes one away from the generalized old church look.

Participating in the Brazil Carnival

Participate in the Brazilian carnival, Brazilian carnivalThe Brazilian carnival is a grand festival that is celebrated in the country. The carnival has some religious significance. The celebration is as long as forty-six days. It is completed before it Easter time. On a certain number days, the Christians of this area and some of the Roman Catholics abstain from eating any sort of meat. This is a practice that holds as an expression of repentance for the death of Jesus Christ. However, the celebration is not all pathos.

The Brazilian carnival is about great sessions of song and dance. There are merry processions of the streets of Brazil every now and then during the forty-six day celebration. One can get to see a great display of samba dancers and singers at the time of the celebrations. Brazilian carnivals are marked by the beautiful dresses that are adorned by the trademark colorful feathers and ornaments. Cities and the towns look remarkable beautiful with all the bright lights and decorations.

Egypt: the land of the Nile

If you are planning to go on a trip with your family and friends, you can explore Egypt and have a memorable time together. The country is full of mystical beauty and amazing sand dunes. The Pyramid which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is located in Egypt. Sphinx has been the object for research and fascination for so many years. The deserts and the mesmerizing landscape will spellbind you. The country of river Nile is situated near the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt is famous for architectural designs and the beautiful sculptures all around the globe. Mummies have been the object of suspicion for everybody.

You can visit the Cairo Museum and Egyptian Museum to check out antiques. Red Sea Coast is a great place for adventure sports like scuba diving etc. The ancient river Nile is a great place where you can enjoy a cruise with your beloved.

Enjoy culture and heritage of India in its best travel destinations

India is a country which is a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural diversity. Every part of the country holds special attraction that draws tourist from all parts of the country. Here are some of the best travel destinations where you will get the actual flavor of India’s culture and heritage:

  • Rajasthan- Signifies royal cultural heritage of the country. Here you will get to see the magnificent palaces, forts, havelis, cultural sites and temples. Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar are the places to visit in Rajasthan.
  • North India- in North India there are numerous places where you would get to see the beat heritage sites and visualize the cultural side of the country. Lucknow, Agra (Taj Mahal), religious places like Haridwar, Varanasi, Mathura, Kedarnath, Badrinath and such other places hold major tourist attraction.
  • The temples in South India are very famous and popular. The age old temples have their own distinct beauty.

Visit the World Heritage Sites of Latin America

Once in a couple of months, you must retire for a short time from your dull urban routine and escape to a place where you can relax, rejuvenate and maybe, learn about various people, their culture and traditions. This way, you not only can get back your stressed mind and soul back in shape, but you can also learn about various destinations.

A family trip to any such historical site, preferably a World Heritage site is truly a unique experience. Latin America, the region which primarily includes the Spanish and Portuguese speaking lands, offers a couple of popular World Heritage sites. The first one is the world famous Machu Pichu, known for the ingenious Inca ruins. The second come the Iguazu Falls. There are also the Patagonia and the famous Amazon Rain forest. Such sites offer well preserved imprints which have a story of hundreds of years, some even more.

A Trip to Archeological Moray

Archaeology is quite an interesting science – not just because it studies, analyses and interprets the ancient relics and the information hidden within, but it also opens a whole new perspective to travelling. There are many tourists who share an interest for visiting places of historical importance – sites which have been excavated in the recent years and have opened a whole new treasure trove of long hidden knowledge. The Moray archaeological site is one such place, which preserves the knowledge right from the Inca Empire.

The site is called as a collection of amphitheaters by some, while some prefer calling it the site of an ancient meteor attack. Located at an altitude of more than ten thousand feet, the site preserves imprints of the cultural and agricultural heritage of the Incas. The agricultural jewels included potato, corn, etc. and have led to the birth of new age agricultural methods.

Visit the Historical Carisbrooke Castle

A visit to a castle leaves a rich feeling in your hearts for quite a long time. Not only can you learn about the history associated with the structure, but you can also have a superficial taste of the royal ways of living. When it comes to knights and castles, England remains as the undaunted winner – for centuries, they have reigned over various lands and have left their astounding architectural imprints behind. The Isle of Wight, located in the country, holds one such royal jewel – the Carisbrooke Castle located in the Carisbrooke village.

The structure, which dates back to the twelfth century, has quite an emotional history attached to it and hence has flocks of tourists visiting the place every year. This is the place where King Charles the first was imprisoned. This is also the supposed burial of Wihtgar. The room where Elizabeth was imprisoned is also very popular.