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Exotic Thailand destinations

Travel Thiland, Exotic travel tipsThailand is a very beautiful place. You can go to a lot of places when in Thailand and there are a lot of things that you can do in this area. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world and thousands of tourists flock to this amazing destination every year during the season. One of the most appealing traits of Thailand is the landscape of the area. The eastern part of the area has vast plains with hills that are very fertile.

Then, there are jungles as well as agricultural lands in the area. There some of the best beaches in the world found in Thailand. The metropolitan areas of Thailand are amazing as well. The mixture of the ethnic and the modern is very interesting. Bangkok is one of the most important cities of Thailand and it is also the most popular tourist spot of the country.

Top Vegas myths

Myths in Vegas, Las VegasThere are a number of myths associated with the city of Las Vegas. It is a very popular city and the ambience of this place is quite larger than life. Therefore, it is only natural that a lot of myth has grown up around the city. The general perception of the city is that it is a place just for the purpose of entertainment with loads of casinos and clubs. People fail to understand that Las Vegas can be a residential area just like any other regular city of the world.

A lot of people are of this belief that prostitution is not illegal in this part of the world. It is not true. The larger than life image of the city may create such an impression but it is not true. The strip of the Vegas is just a part of the area and there is a wider aspect to the city beyond the strip.

Luxury yacht charter for your honeymoon

Yacht charter for honeymoon, honeymoonThe best way to start a marriage is by going to a yacht charter for honeymoons in the best romantic places of the world. There are a lot of beautiful yachts that would be excellent to spend some time with your loved one in the middle of the seas and oceans. You can spend time on the water as well as the isolated bays, the great beaches, ancient ruins and the glitzy restaurants. You will have an excellent time of relaxation with your lover with swimming, sightseeing and sailing away.

There are lovely sights of oceanic sunrises and sunsets that would be one of the photo memories of your love life for the rest of you and your partner’s life. There are a lot of agencies that can give you the best trips for you and your partner. However, do book your holiday from a well-known and reputed travel agency, as you do not want to ruin the most special part of your marriage by a failed holiday.

Malaga destinations for you

Travel Malaga, SpainMalaga is a beautiful city in Spain. Malaga is considered as a major tourist attraction in Spain. Malaga is also known as the capital of the Coasta del Sol. Some of the famous tourist places to visit in Malaga are:

• Gibralfaro castle – an Arab construction of the middle ages
• La Alcazaba – it is a fortress built on a hill top. It is one of the best preserved Arab constructions.
• Roman theater – it is situated in the old inner city. Other historical monuments are also situated nearby.
• Tivoli world – it is one of the oldest amusement parks where your children are bound to enjoy.
• Picasso home Museum – it is a historic artistic monument.
• The Cathedral
• Sagrario Church
• Santiago Church
• Town Hall
• The House of the Consulate
• Customs Palace
• Carmen Thyssem Museum

You can even attend the carnivals and events happening in the city. You can have a gala time enjoying with your family and friends.

An account on Medical Tourism to India

Medical tourism in India, India tourismMedical tourism is a concept where people travel to different countries in order to get better and faster medical treatment, save costs and of course visit new places in the meantime. India has been witnessing a fast growing medical tourism industry where people from developed countries opt to come to India where medical expenses are a lot cheaper and waiting lists are not long.

While getting treated by efficient doctors and availing medicines at lower cost as well as for low cost staying, tourists can visit the places India offers geographically and culturally. Although India and Thailand offer similar medical costs, people from UK, US prefer India as the English language is practised and understood here better.

Low medical costs (approximately one-tenth of that of western countries), efficient treatment in surgery and medication, popularity of the English language and beautiful tourist spots attract people from west Asia, Africa, Europe and UK. Though in its nascent stage, health tourism in India will definitely flourish to be a booming industry in the coming years.

Cheap air travel ideas to America

Are you planning for a flight to America but are worried about your constraint budget? Well, nothing to worry about as there are always some cheap air travel ideas and here is discussion them. First of all, make sure to check out from the less popular and less central airports around the city. You might even have to change planes as changing flights sometimes lead to a cheaper deal.

Then, try to plan your travel on Saturday nights. Yes, Saturday nights could be relatively cheaper than the trips for the weekdays. It’s because, in a Saturday night trip there’s no need to compete with the travelers paying for travel with your company’s money.

Lastly, don’t forget to shop around. You might have got an apparently cheap deal from an airline via bucket shop or your travel agent, yet do make sure to check through the company sites too. It’s because many airlines have the “sweetest deals” only for the clients who contact them directly.

Top North American travel destination

Are you confused with so many travel destinations in North America? Then, you should know that are many places in North America where you may travel and feel the magic of Nature. If you want to enjoy the mountains and hills then you can go to Sierra Nevada in eastern California and Flagstaff, Arizona. These places are very beautiful and romantic.

If you want to spend the holidays in the swamplands then you can travel to southern Florida. Sedona is the best example where you can find red rocks. One of the best places is the Grand Canyon where you can see the great canyon made by the river Colorado. Some of the famous lakes are also there in North America like Lake Powell, Lake Tahoe and many more. If you want to enjoy the city life, then you can go to Los Angeles, California and San Francisco. So you just have to book the tickets well in advance and enjoy your holiday in North America.

Tipping Your Taxi Service Driver

A good vacation is like a cake – any mistakes in collecting the ingredients and formulation will give rise to a mess. Similarly, improper planning of a vacation can spoil your budget and your mood. You need to make a thorough study of the places you intend to visit, make prior hotel bookings (if required) and most importantly, select the mode of transport. Once at the tourist destination, you need to hire a good taxi service to transfer you from the airport to your hotel, and browse through the various tourist spots. If at all the taxi service driver has done a good job, it is only fair if you offer him a fancy tip.

Do not simply go on distributing your big bucks blindly. Also, do not offer measly tips. A good amount of tip ranges between ten to fifteen percent of the taxi fare, but nothing less than ten.

Enjoying the Food during a Vacation to Argentina

There are many potential tourist destinations on this planet – some bombarded heavily by the flocking tourists, some moderately trafficked and some not so much in the limelight (though they have ample reasons to be so). When one thinks of Argentina, the first thing that comes to mind is, no doubt, the football clubs. Yes, that is an important element of this republic, yet there are many more which are quite popular, though not as much hyped as the big brothers.

Food is quite an interesting thing in Argentina – yet many simply fly to Buenos Aires to enjoy the classy world class dining. There are many more places that can be explored for culinary treats. You would be amazed at the number of delicacies that this country can produce from beef, all thanks to the Spanish blends. Also, apart from the main course, you should also savor the local desserts and cookies.