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Tuscany dining delights

Tuscany cuisines. Tuscany delights With the mention of gourmet food, it is most common to remember the countries of Italy and France. But if you take a few steps backwards, it is likely that you will end up discovering that a large section of the traditions of France had its origin in the region of Tuscany. The cooking of Tuscany has a quality that is simple yet deceptive and depends on the pure, natural flavor of the ingredients, rather than the need to be covered by the flavor of various sauces.

The Various geographical factors of Tuscany influence its relish-able flavors. There are a mix of villages, mountains, sea coasts and cities. Near to the sea, it is most likely that you can savor on a hugely various menu of different sea foods, one of the most famous of which is a soup named Cacciucco. In the other regions, you may find cuisines that are influenced by grilled meat, popular among which is Bistecca Fiorentina.

Five hot Bulgarian travel destinations

Planning for a vacation in Bulgaria? Yes!! Then don’t miss the various tourist locations that has lured the people from all around the world to visit in this place located in south east Europe. It consists of all the factors that can promise you an exciting and enthralling experience with your family and loved ones. Right from hiking, to skiing, to historical places, sea resorts and action packed night life, this place is all you can ever want while in a vacation.

The very famous Black Sea Coast will give your eyes a special treat whereas Sofia will provide you endless number of bars, parks, and mind boggling museums. You can see the remains of the great Roman Empire along with the National Revival architectural treasures in Plovdiv. For unforgettable experience in hiking and skiing you can go to Pirin Mountains, Balkan Mountains, Rila Mountains, Strandzha Mountains, Rhodopi Mountains, Vitosha Mountains or Sakar Mountains.