Facts About Japan’s Suicide Forest

suicide forest of japan
Aokigahara forest of japan

This forest is known as Aokigahara forest which is located in japan. This forest is very popularly referred to as sea of trees or suicide forest. This is considered as the perfect place to die and is second most popular suicide spot. Every year approximately 30 to 100 people commit suicide in this jungle. The authorities of japan have made all their possible efforts to prevent his pot for becoming more popular as suicide destination. Over past several years this forest has also developed an image of being haunted by several supernatural demons and entities. This forest as served as the horror spot for some of the horror Japanese movies. Aokigahara has been popular worldwide after the release of the famous movie “The forest” in 2016. Well if you are familiar with the stories of the suicide forest or you are new to it, here are some of the freaky facts about Aokigahara forest you must know.

  • Forest is filled with rope and tape which is used as marker

This fact about the suicide forest only adds to its creepiness only. This forest has plenty of tapes and ropes all around, just think how many of them have entered and never came back. When you reach to the end of the tape or rope, there would most likely be a dead body around.

  • Most experienced hikers also get lost

If you have any plans of hiking in the forest then make your plan that there is no kind of guarantee that you will be able to fetch your way back despite of all the navigational tools that you take along with you. This area has volcanic soil and has plenty of iron deposits and hence it makes the entire compass to go wrong and leave you working in circles. The same logic also works for the GPS device also. However the chances of working of GPS are quite low or nil as there will be no signal around.

  • Buddhist monk was the first to die in the forest

According to the stories, it is said that there was a Buddhist monk who entered the forest for the first time for the idea of purifying himself and he was the first death in the forest. It is said that he starved himself to death. Well no one is perfectly aware whether intentionally did that or got there and lost his way.

  • There is no wildlife

This forest extreme dark and there is no source of sunlight in the forest. This denseness and darkness of the forest makes it for any wildlife to live and survive in the forest. The trees are also so thick and dense that even birds don’t reside there. There are only some rare cases when birds are seen in the forest and hikers gets literally shocked when they hear any bird in the forest. There are ice caves and wind caves in the forest where the hikers can go deep underground and explore the forest’s beauty.