Interesting Facts About California

Interesting Facts about california
Facts about california

California is a wonderful place to explore and there are several interesting facts to explore as well. The capital city of this place is sacramento. The largest city of this country is Los Angeles. The abbreviation California is CA. this place has a population of 39 million. The highest point of this place is Mount Whitney and while you are visiting California, you must take a sneak peak of this point. However with all those things that you have heard about California, there would still be some of the unknown facts which will catch your interest and make you feel like how come you are not aware of such an amazing fact about California. Well there are bunch of such interesting and amusing facts about California which will literally blow your mind. Let’s start with the name California.

  • California’s name

California is considered as the mythical island paradise. This paradise is inhabited just with the beautiful amazon warriors who were using weapons and gold tools and it used to be ruled by a queen named calafia. However this was just a setting for famous Spanish novel named las Sergas de Esplandian which was published in the July in the year 1510. In the earlier times, the Spanish explorers used to believe that the California which is there in the present day is an island and it was actually ruled amazon queen and hence they named the place California. Now I am sure you must not know this amazing fact about name of California.

  • State having biggest economy

California is officially the first state which became the trillion dollar economy that too n a gross state product. If California in spite of being a state would be a country then it would be considered as the sixth largest economy in the entire world. In the year 2015, California was the one which even surpassed France and it became sixth largest economy in the entire world.

  • Discovery of California

The cost of the present state of California was discovered by a European. The chief pilot of Ferrelo was the first European to explore this place. This person was basically sailing for Spain and he left on June 1542 from the Navidad which is on the west coast of Mexico and proceeded towards north. In September, he actually reached the San Diego bay and became the first European to set his foot on what it now called as the state of California.

  • Evolution of McDonalds

California is considered as the birth place of McDonalds. Now this is really what you don’t know. You might have visited McDonalds for plenty of times but you might have not known that California is the birth place of this famous chain. This is considered as the world’s largest chain of burgers. This was actually opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the year 1940 in San Bernardino in California and it kept on progressing there on.