Vacation at Bantry Bay in Cape Town

South Africa is rapidly becoming a globally acclaimed tourist destination – unexplored nature, hospitable natives and a fair infrastructure make this place a good platform for the growing tourism. The city of Cape Town is located in the Western Cape region and is an important harbor and tourist destination of the country. The city has a good infrastructure and is financially quite strong, not to mention the various tourist destinations flooded with people from all over the globe. Bantry Bay is a popular neighborhood in the city ans lies on the Lion’s head’s slope – a volcanic remnant naturally shaped like its name. This area is a serene getaway and has some interesting tourist destinations.

The ‘O on Kloof’ is a popular hotel, with a luxury ambiance and many recreational facilities. If you are on your honeymoon, you will surely love the Compass House – designer suites with Jacuzzis and a wonderful landscape surrounding it.

Top Tourist Attractions of Toronto

When it comes to deciding upon a tourist spot, many are often confused, owing to the virtually innumerable options available (and the resources to satisfy them). Many tourists dream of going beyond the United States for a vacation. Though many can afford going to the different continents altogether, there are many who simply cross the border and head for Canada. Toronto, the second largest city in Canada is a global hub of tourism, fashion, entertainment and natural wonders – apart from the fact that it also has a rich historical foundation. It also has a rich financial support owing to the strong line of international trade and business.

You can visit the various science and art museums (like the Ontario Science Center and Gardiner Art Museum). If you are a shopaholic, then you can spend hours shopping for bargains at the Eaton Centre – with its more than 250 live stores.

A Trip to Archeological Moray

Archaeology is quite an interesting science – not just because it studies, analyses and interprets the ancient relics and the information hidden within, but it also opens a whole new perspective to travelling. There are many tourists who share an interest for visiting places of historical importance – sites which have been excavated in the recent years and have opened a whole new treasure trove of long hidden knowledge. The Moray archaeological site is one such place, which preserves the knowledge right from the Inca Empire.

The site is called as a collection of amphitheaters by some, while some prefer calling it the site of an ancient meteor attack. Located at an altitude of more than ten thousand feet, the site preserves imprints of the cultural and agricultural heritage of the Incas. The agricultural jewels included potato, corn, etc. and have led to the birth of new age agricultural methods.

Visit the Family Friendly Circus Circus Hotel of Las Vegas

The name ‘Las Vegas’ is instantaneously associated with spending big bucks for the luxury of a lifetime. The ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ has exceeded itself, offering globally renowned casinos, dining and lavish hotels. Though they say that there is not much for ‘families’, there are still some unique destinations in LA where a family can melt in fun activities. The Circus Hotel is one such fun place for the whole family – especially it’s Adventure Dome. Nothing much to say about this place – except for the fact that it is the largest indoor amusement park in the United States of America.

The Adventure Dome constitutes of many thrilling rides, like the Inverter, Rim Runner, and Chaos and so on. You might require a whole day (or maybe more) to check out every single ride. The gigantic drops, exhilarating speeds & twists and the whole adrenaline rush associated make the trip worthwhile.

Visit the Historical Carisbrooke Castle

A visit to a castle leaves a rich feeling in your hearts for quite a long time. Not only can you learn about the history associated with the structure, but you can also have a superficial taste of the royal ways of living. When it comes to knights and castles, England remains as the undaunted winner – for centuries, they have reigned over various lands and have left their astounding architectural imprints behind. The Isle of Wight, located in the country, holds one such royal jewel – the Carisbrooke Castle located in the Carisbrooke village.

The structure, which dates back to the twelfth century, has quite an emotional history attached to it and hence has flocks of tourists visiting the place every year. This is the place where King Charles the first was imprisoned. This is also the supposed burial of Wihtgar. The room where Elizabeth was imprisoned is also very popular.

A Holiday in Portugal Full of Activities

Though rejuvenation and visits to the culturally (and historically) important destinations remain the prime motto of a vacation – there are many who see this opportunity to drown into a horde of adventure activities. Though the republic of Portugal has a vast historical background (Colonial war, Revolution of Carnation, etc.) and a treasure trove supplemented by Mother Nature (archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, Mount Pico, etc.) – it also has many activities to lure single tourists, couples, families and adventure seeking groups.

You can rent a bicycle and tour the ‘Costa da Prata’ region – the landscape is quite pleasing, adorned with the natural and rural elements. You can also see the various orchards, vineyards, etc. depicting the agricultural jewels of Portugal. The Silver Coast is another popular escapade for the beach hungry tourists – the best part being the hospitable nature of the local inhabitants. You can also go on hiking as well as rambling tours.

The Baltic Cruise to St Petersburg

A rejuvenating cruise can do wonderfully cure the ennui created by the routine hassles of work and living in the urban forests. The soothing breeze, inspiring waves, serene music and authentic sea food cuisine – it feels like time has paused for good! Well, if you are one of such peace longing tourists, the Baltic Cruise is the best vacation escapade for you. Not only does your ship take you through the thrilling Baltic waters, but you will also be able to visit the great city of Petersburg. Once a capital of Russia, the city now is the second largest in the country.

Petersburg has an astounding collection of architectural elements like the Saviour of Blood Church, the location where Rasputin had been killed, prison built for Swedish captives and so on. Though the cultural heritage remains the primary point of interest, the night life in the city, too, is quite happening.

Visit the Historical Sites in Cambodia

Asia (to be particular, the South Eastern zone) has some of the best travel gems to offer to the world. Located in the Indochinese Peninsula and surrounded by Vietnam, Thailand & Laos, the Kingdom of Cambodia is one such famous travel destination. Still a well reputed Constitutional Monarchy, the nation has shown appreciable growth since the last decade in its various domains like agriculture, textile, tourism and hence international trade. Cambodia has had a rich (though a part of which is looked up as dismal) history of more than 600 years, as many civilizations reigned over this seventy thousand square mile piece of land. You can still see the remnants of the historical inhabitants as well as the happenings.

You can visit the Angkor Wat, which happens to be the largest religious structure in the world. Another Buddhist relic is the famous Bayon temple. You should also visit the Ta Prohm temple.