Some beaches you must travel to

beach travelWho would not want to travel to beaches and bask under the sun for as long as they want to or they can afford to? Beach holidays are a way of really relaxing and feeling alive after the whole months or years work depending from person to person. Some beaches which are worth the travel are mentioned below with their ‘look-out-for’ things and places.

To start with is Goa, India. Goa’s beaches are divided into north and south Goa. The north side being more commercial and touristy it is a pleasure to the eye to see the scenic beauty of this place. Apart from only the beach there is innumerable wildlife to look out for in the various national parks and sanctuaries in and around the area. Museums and forts are present too to make sure that you have no time to be bored in the place.

Moving on we go to Bali, Indonesia, an island rich in its culture, traditions and heritage. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations known for its popular beaches, wildlife content and scenery at its best. The beaches offer the very best boating and surfing experience underwater diving and swimming experience.
The amazing city of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico is another irresistible destination spot for travellers who have a soft space for beaches. Apart from the beauty filled beaches where private beaches are also available there are other archaeological sites, ancient temples, pyramids and colourful murals too which can be visited.

Situated in Central America is the Latin American country of Costa Rica with a lot of sunshine and beachy mornings to wake to. Apart from simply relaxing at the beach there is looking at active volcanoes, scuba diving and snorkelling.