The Flinders Range in Australia: a must visit destination

travel Australia, Australian destination Travel broadens the mind and makes for a better human being. There are many exotic destinations all round the world which offer us insights into the early life of our ancestors and a glimpse of evolution. One such site is the Flinders Range in Australia. Its most characteristic landmark is the Wilpena Pound, the world’s largest amphitheatre covering an area of almost 80 square kilometres. The area’s earliest inhabitants were the Adnyamathanha people probably about 10000 years ago and there are cave paintings, rock engravings and other artefacts from that era.


There is also the Pichi Richi Railway which is an operating museum. There are regular operating heritage train journeys between Quorn and Port Augusta. Some other noteworthy sites are the Arkaroo rock and the Moralana Scenic Drive, a 28 km long route following the Moralana valley which can be traversed in a normal car and gives the best views in the afternoon. There is a wide range of accommodation available and it is sure to captivate your heart.