The perfect Halloween getaway

Travel tips, adventure destinationsTerrell in Texas is one of the best places to visit for tourists who have a thing for spooky destinations. Terrell is known to have 4 major spooky tourist destinations, in the names of “Labyrinth of Terror,” the “Voodoo Bayou” and others. The decapitated lady Cassandra is known to haunt the areas of the Labyrinth of Terror till date. The creatures from the bayou keep tormenting the Voodoo Area and also the Trail of Torment in the Dr. Lycan’s space is known to be the home ground of all the horrific crazy illegal medical experiments done by the doctor. The legend says that whoever visits the place feels it’s all and the presence of the undead and the restless. Yes. We are all talking about a thrill park built in Terrell in Texas. Have the time of your life and get your Goosebumps working overtime this October. Happy Halloween!