Tips to save money on a trip to Rome

Travel Rome, EuropeAre you going to a vacation on Rome? Then you must know that it is one of the most expensive cities of the world. Every place you visit in Rome will charge you an entry fee including most of the famous churches. Thus, it is very essential to plan your budget well. Rome has a wide range of accommodation options ranging from very expensive to affordable ones. You must make a considerable amount of research online about the prices and features of different hotels and resorts.

It is better to book hotels in advance, and then the charges will be less unlike booking after you reach. Try to stay close to the main city so that bus, tram and subway lines can be easily assessed. Termini Bus Station is a good place to stay with cheap hotels and easy access to main locations. You must make full use of the amazing public transport of Rome for roaming around the city. You should get a weekly metrebus ticket pass for unlimited one week access to bus and subway both.