Top historical sites of Italy

If you are planning for a holiday and want your children to gain some historical knowledge then the option for you can be Italy. Italy is a place so rich in their art and culture that you will surely want to visit again. Though to get an idea about the historical places in Italy, a short article won’t help you. Various books have been published by many writers on the richness of culture Italy offers. To check out all the historical places of Italy within your holiday span would be a tough thing to do and for that several resorts should be booked near the respective spots beforehand. Some of the must visit historical places in Italy are,

Basilica di San Miniato al Monte: Florence in Italy is the place where you can get the actual essence of the history of Italy, but the church called Basilica di San miniato Monte is an equally beautiful place to visit. The construction was begun in the year of 1013 and was named after the Armenian prince called St. Miniato. You can get the detailed history about this prince and why this church has been built on the hill of Mount Fiorentinus.

Duomo di Milano: Another historic place in Italy which will surely throw an impression on you as soon as you look at it is the Duomo di Milano. This is one of the largest churches of the world and possesses a magnificent structure having a capacity of 40000. If you have only been to the local churches, you should have a look at the Duomo di Milano which can surprise you in the true sense of it.

The Vatican City: With only a population of 932 The Vatican City manages to remain the smallest independent country of the world. A large number of tourists including Catholic visit this country to get in touch with the Pope. The famous ceiling paintings of the Sistine Chapel and a good number of museums at The Vatican City hold a great historical value.