Top Terrifying Places Across The World

Most terrifying places across the world
Top terrifying places around the world

During our childhood, our parents use to tell us plenty of stories; some of them would also be haunted and tarrying. While growing up, we realized that the stories are not just the stories but in reality also things like this happens. If you are a brave person and also a curious person to know and explore more about terrifying stories which happens to be true then you must read this article. This article talks about the top haunted places across the globe which will blow your mind. Hold your breath and get started with the list of top terrifying places across the world.

  • High gate cemetery, North London, England

Cemetery always seem to be terrifying, this is the basic image of cemetery. However this cemetery is all that you see in all those movies showing the horror scenes in cemetery. All those creepy sounds, those wind blowing, those terrifying trees and every single thing which is shown in the movies, high gate cemetery is reality of that. Just after the sun sets, the actual horror environment starts to rise along with all those paranormal activities. If you are a ghost hunter, then this is perfect place for you to visit and chat with the real life ghosts. Creaky and cranky pathways, unorganized grass pavements and headless are some of the top attractions of this place and fulfill the need of haunted sound there is owls hooting all night. This place makes it place in the top terrifying places across the world but still the natural and serene environment and creative architecture cannot be ignore and the cheery on the cake which rules the entire arena of this place….the eternal silence.

  • Changi beach, Singapore

Beaches are always looked forward as a vacation spot where there is chilling and relaxing but not all beaches are the same; the change beach here of Singapore has some different story to tell. There was a time when change beach was very popular as the killing ground used by the Japanese people to kill the Chinese soldiers at the time of 2nd world war. Plenty of Chinese soldiers were kicked to death and tortured on this beach as they were found guilty of engaging into some anti-Japanese activities. This beach was a death ground for innumerable innocent Chinese soldiers. In today’s time also people around the beach gets to hear weeping and screams of people. During night time, people also witness certain deep dig pits which were used for digging the dead people. Most freaky thing about this beach is that people here have witnessed some headless bodies of Chinese soldiers walking during the night time.

  • Monte Cristo, New South wales, Australia

This place is in the list of top terrifying places across the globe because of the owner of this mansion Mrs Crawley. This lady locked up herself in the mansion after her husband’s death and came out just once in the period of 23 years. It is believed that she died in there and her spirit still resides there. Whoever enters the mansions feels suffocated as if someone is trying to press them.