Tourist Attractions of Balearic Islands in Spain

The land of Europe has been, for ages, been a center of major historical activities. However, today, with the advancement of human civilization, every corner of Europe has established its own league of unique features – some for the technology, some for the tourist destinations, and so on. Spain is one such amazing country, filled up to the brim with a rich history, warm culture and hundreds of tourist hot spots for one and all. Also, being surrounded by two famous water bodies viz. the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it also has a couple of amazing group of islands, including the Balearic Islands.

The archipelago consists of four major islands, and has a population speaking majorly Catalan or Spanish. The islands have a legendary history dating back to the Trojan War and the Roman times. Apart from the natural treasures, the imprints of these historical events are also well preserved in the Balearic Islands.