Visit the World Heritage Sites of Latin America

Once in a couple of months, you must retire for a short time from your dull urban routine and escape to a place where you can relax, rejuvenate and maybe, learn about various people, their culture and traditions. This way, you not only can get back your stressed mind and soul back in shape, but you can also learn about various destinations.

A family trip to any such historical site, preferably a World Heritage site is truly a unique experience. Latin America, the region which primarily includes the Spanish and Portuguese speaking lands, offers a couple of popular World Heritage sites. The first one is the world famous Machu Pichu, known for the ingenious Inca ruins. The second come the Iguazu Falls. There are also the Patagonia and the famous Amazon Rain forest. Such sites offer well preserved imprints which have a story of hundreds of years, some even more.