Witness the dolphins at their majestic best in the Scottish highlands

dolphins at  Scottish highlands,destinationsMinke, Pilot, Fin, killer, Sperm Whales, Sei whales are some common types of dolphins and whales frequently seen in Scottish highlands.

Shetland Island is a destination where you can view Minke every now and then and occasionally Orca too while boating and you can see them from shore too.

Hebrides witnesses Minke, Humpbacks and Orcas too often.

Moray Firth is a resident colony of Scottish with numerous of bottlenose Whales and Seals. Boat trip facility is available here you can enjoy them or you can any day enjoy them from the shore.

Facility of Underwater diving and experiencing these dolphins and local submarine life is extremely well available in Kyle of Lochalsh.

There are now more than 40 operator offering whale sites and dolphin viewing in Scotland.

Watching dancing and jumping in air from the water is really a refreshing and heart enthralling sites of Scotland. More than 50% of Scotland tourism is totally based upon these Dolphin and whales.